10 years of European World of Bluegrass, 1998-2007

Various artists

Label:Strictly Country SCR 66
Release Date:2008-04-22
County Sales:#295
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Song Information:

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A-1. Fields of goldFragment (Georgia) 2:47
A-2. Simple lifeBlueland 3:09
A-3. Cold and lonelyThe Chapmans 3:12
A-4. Nazaj u mestoFootprints 2:40
A-5. I've got a feelingLiz Meyer with Nugget 3:23
A-6. Light in the stormTomas Pesko Band 3:23
A-7. Blue lonesome windFifty Fingers 3:36
A-8. Stop meNugget 2:56
A-9. St. Anne's reelThe Louvat Brothers 2:51
A-10. Little whitewashed chimneyBill Clifton & the Pick of the Crop 2:46
A-11. Dark as the nightSunny Side 2:30
A-12. All I have to do is dream4 Wheel Drive 2:43
A-13. Joe HillDownhill 2:28
A-14. Ida redJiri Kralik & the Rowdy Rascals 1:49
A-15. Feast here tonightThe Hunger Mountain Boys 2:06
A-16. Calm the stormReli?f 1:39
A-17. Talk about sufferingThe Mideando String Quartet 2:09
A-18. Hard ciderHickory Project 2:19
A-19. Southbound trainRandy Waller & the Country Gentlemen 3:35
A-20. Blue yodel #4Zbynek Bures with Chris Jones 2:58
A-21. Train 45Mike Stevens & Raymond McLain 2:11
A-22. Pan American boogieThe Kate MacKenzie Band 2:49
A-23. Big spike hammerMonogram 3:25
A-24. A few wordsChris Jones & the Night Drivers 3:53
B-1. Cool nightKreni 2:59
B-2. Winter's come and goneRed Wine 2:40
B-3. Without youCarmel Sheerin & the Ravens 3:03
B-4. Paul and SilasSpringfield 2:11
B-5. Zuzuma je sama domaPetr Brandejs Band 2:42
B-6. Rough edgesRoll's Boys 2:00
B-7. Lord, won't you help meThe Lonesome Mountaineers 2:38
B-8. Red foxBononia Grass 1:32
B-9. When my time comes to goDanny Paisley & the Southern Grass 2:18
B-10. Brand new heartacheThe New England Bluegrass Band 2:48
B-11. SunriseBlue Cartel 3:12
B-12. Right on the moneyAlbum 3:43
B-13. Life of a steel driving manJussi Syren & the Groundbreakers 3:22
B-14. New mandolin breakdownThe Looping Brothers 1:41
B-15. ZoltkampStroatklinkers 3:11
B-16. Beauty of my dreamsBlackjack (United Kingdom) 2:24
B-17. A little further in the holeThe Claire Lynch Band 2:41
B-18. Declaration of loveGoodwill 3:14
B-19. Say that I am wrongMeantime 2:44
B-20. The typewriterRawhide 2:28
B-21. Goin' down the road feelin' badSally & the Sidewinders 2:07
B-22. In the darkest hourJohn Reischman & the Jaybirds 4:09
B-23. Wood thrush songLaurie Lewis 3:19
B-24. Your long journeySkyland 2:24