Blue Ridge Mountain blues

Various artists

Label:Gusto GT7 2071-2
Release Date:2009
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B001T9YGAG

Song Information:

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1. Blue Ridge Mountain bluesBill Clifton 2:25
2. I don't mindBuzz Busby 2:27
Recording Date:1958
Place:Ben Adelman Studio, Takoma Park, MD
Instruments:Buzz Busby-m; Pete Pike-g; Bill Emerson-bj; John Hall-f; Vance Truell-sb
Vocals:P. Pike-L
3. Bluegrass boogieChristie Lynn 2:56
4. I never will marryThe Country Gentlemen 2:54
Recording Date:1959-05-13
Place:Ben Adelman's/Empire Studio, Takoma Park, MD
Instruments:Charlie Waller-g; John Duffey-m/db; Pete Kuykendall-bj/sb
Vocals:C. Waller-L; J. Duffey-T; P. Kuykendall-B
5. The winds are blowing in Maggie ValleyThe Crowe Brothers 3:01
6. Give the world a sunny smileDon Reno, Bill Harrell & the Tennessee Cut-Ups 2:11
Recording Date:1967-11-02
Composer:George Shuffler
Place:King Recording Studio, Cincinnati, OH
Instruments:Bill Harrell-rg; Don Reno-bj; Ronnie Reno-m; Jim Buchanan-f; Vassar Clements-f; George Shuffler-sb
Vocals:B. Harrell-L; D. Reno-T; G. Shuffler-BS
7. I could love you all the timeThe Flat Mountain Boys 1:39
8. Mountain dewGrandpa Jones 2:43
9. Cotton eyed JoeNashville Fiddles 1:22
10. Gathering flowers from the hillsideJ. E. Mainer 3:13