Lonesome bluegrass

Various artists

Label:Gusto GT7 2098-2
Release Date:2009
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B002DTDFNU

Song Information:

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1. This lonesome old feelingLarry Sparks & the Lonesome Ramblers 3:34
2. Mid the green fields of VirginiaBill Clifton 2:03
3. Lonesome windBuzz Busby 2:40
Recording Date:1957
Place:Ben Adelman Studio, Washington, DC
Instruments:Buzz Busby-m; Pete Pike-g; Bill Emerson-bj; Scott Stoneman-f; Vance Truell-sb
Vocals:B. Busby-L
4. Lonely sounds of nightChristie Lynn 2:22
5. My lonely heartJimmy Martin & Bob Osborne & the Sunny Mountain Boys 2:18
6. Wabash CannonballMac Wiseman 2:45
7. Lonesome fiddle bluesNew Grass Revival 2:43
8. Lonesome road bluesRalph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys 2:04
9. High lonesomeThe Country Gentlemen 2:27
Recording Date:1958-05
Place:Ben Adelman's, Washington, DC
Instruments:Charlie Waller-g; John Duffey-m/sb; Bill Emerson-bj; Carl Nelson-f; Pete Kuykendall-m
Vocals:C. Waller-L; J. Duffey-T; B. Emerson-B
10. Lonesome travelerThe Stanley Brothers 2:05
Recording Date:1963-08-13
Place:King Studio, Cincinnati, OH
Instruments:Carter Stanley-g; Ralph Stanley-bj; George Shuffler-g; Ralph Mayo-f; Henry Dockery-sb