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Acoustic Blue

Label:Bishop Hill 2009
Release Date:2009
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2010-01
   Amazon ASIN: B002BEXGHC
   Google Play: B4uj7cczljz2agh2cf3m2qcgt3i

Song Information:

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1. All prayed up
2. Best of her (Cooper's song)
Composer:C. E. Zink
3. Golden leaves
Composer:A. B. Acker
4. I'll break out again tonight
5. I'd rather be alone
6. Don't you ever get tired of hurting me?
7. Bill Monroe for breakfast
8. Reach out (my love is right here)
Composer:C. E. Zink
9. I'll be there
10. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
11. Angel band
12. Memory of a woman
Composer:M. VanAlstyne-C. E. Zink
13. Carved into a stone
Composer:C. E. Zink
14. Where the dim lights are the dimmest
15. Don't tell Mama