Fresh cuts & key tracks. No. 4, 2009

Various artists

Label:Rural Rhythm no. 4 - 2009
Release Date:2009
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Hard Rock Mountain Prison ('til I die)Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out 2:37
Instruments:Russell Moore-g; Steve Dilling-bj; Wayne Benson-m; Justen Haynes-f; Edgar Loudermilk-sb
Vocals:R. Moore-L; S. Dilling-V; E. Loudermilk-V
2. Teardrop InnTommy Webb 3:30
Instruments:Tommy Webb-g; Ron Stewart-f; Kenny O'Quinn-m; Danny Stiltner-sb
Vocals:T. Webb-L; C. Goble-V
3. HeartlandTommy Webb 3:30
Instruments:Tommy Webb-g; Chris Goble-bj; Ron Stewart-f; Kenny O'Quinn-m; Danny Stiltner-sb
Vocals:T. Webb-L; C. Goble-V
4. Faith & hopeCarrie Hassler & Hard Rain 3:06
Composer:Carrie Hassler-Josh Miller
Instruments:Josh Miller-bj; Kevin McKinnon-m; Keith McKinnon-g; Jim Van Cleve-f; Travis Anderson-sb
Vocals:C. Hassler-L; J. Van Cleve-V
5. Like a train needs a trackLonesome River Band 2:52
Instruments:Sammy Shelor-bj; Andy Ball-m; Brandon Rickman-g; Mike Hartgrove-f; Mike Anglin-sb
Vocals:A. Ball-L; S. Shelor-V; B. Rickman-V
6. What a sight to beholdTim Hensley 3:33
Instruments:Tim Stafford-g; Rob Ickes-db; Wyatt Rice-g; Deanie Richardson-f
Vocals:T. Hensley-L; V. Gill-V; Sonya Isaacs-V
7. I'm just here to ride the trainMountain Heart 3:21
Instruments:Josh Shilling-g; Jim Van Cleve-f; Barry Abernathy-bj; Adam Steffey-m; Clay Jones-g; Jason Moore-sb
Vocals:J. Shilling-L; J. Van Cleve-V
8. Billy G. SalvationRickey Wasson 2:30
Instruments:Rickey Wasson-g; Ron Stewart-bj/m/f; Harold Nixon-bs
Vocals:R. Wasson-L/B; D. McCall-T
9. Why not confess?The Crowe Brothers 3:02
Instruments:Josh Crowe-g; Wayne Crowe-sb; Steve Sutton-bj; Darren Nicholson-m; Steve Thomas-f
Vocals:J. Crowe-L; W. Crowe-V