France bluegrass. Vol. 2

Various artists

Label:Unknown FRBG 009
Release Date:2009
BG Unlimited:2010-04

Song Information:

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A-1. The witchBluegrass 43 (France)
A-2. Louisville breakdownKeep Off the Grass
A-3. JudasThierry Massoubre
A-4. Gedeon's dreamDistel & Lecoq
A-5. Fox on the runBluegrass Deluxe
A-6. I wish you knewWyatt Rice
A-7. Bella ciaoBanjomaniacs
A-8. Toulouse streetsTante Agatha's
A-9. 3 RivieresMary & Co.
A-10. Big SciotyVue & Perrard
A-11. Hide thou mePatch
A-12. Ventoline breakdownLoneSaone
A-13. Who knows what tomorrow may bringAcoustic River
A-14. Blues stay away from meBlue Quitach
A-15. Fix the buttonsDuo Post-Scriptum
B-1. East Virginia bluesTurquoise
B-2. Ace of spades / Sainte-FoyFamily Reunion
B-3. Every little kissQuartier Fran?ais
B-4. Miss the Mississippi and youHoboes
B-5. InterferencesGilles Rezard
B-6. Standing in the waterLonesome Day
B-7. Where I long to goTennessee Stud
B-8. Old fashioned loveThe Usual Suspects
B-9. Ain't no sunshineCabin 12
B-10. Little SadieJack Danielle's String Band
B-11. The letterNashville Airplane
B-12. Comme qui diraitMary-Lou
B-13. Desolation roadGhislain Kosiba
B-14. Nine pound hammerPalomino Bluegrass Band
B-15. Over the rainbowNavarre & Lacote