Dim lights, thick smoke and hillbilly music (Country & western hit parade ; 1952)

Various artists

Label:Bear Family BCD 16957
Release Date:2009
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   Amazon ASIN: B002NXX7QQ

Song Information:

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15. I cried againJim Eanes 3:07
Recording Date:1952-01-21
Place:Castle Studio, Tulane Hotel, Nashville, TN
Master:2619 / 82191
Instruments:Autry Inman-g; Roy Russell-g; Hubert Davis-bj; Robert Lee 'Bob' Foster-sg; William D. 'Buddy' Killen-bs; Benjamin Jarrell-f; Owen Bradley-leader
Vocals:J. Eanes-L
18. I'm using my Bible for a roadmapDon Reno, Red Smiley & the Tennessee Cutups 2:33
Recording Date:1952-01-15
Composer:Reno-Shroeder; Lonat, BMI
Place:King Studios, Cincinnati, OH
Instruments:Don Reno-bj; Red Smiley-g; Jay Haney-sb
Vocals:R. Smiley-LV/BSC; D. Reno-TC; J. Haney-BC; C. Haney-LC
19. Raw hideBill Monroe & his Blue Grass Boys 2:32
Recording Date:1951-01-20
Place:Castle Studio, Tulane Hotel, Nashville, TN
Master:2326 / 80436
Instruments:Bill Monroe-m; James Henry 'Jimmy' Martin-g; Rudy Lyle-bj; Merle 'Red' Taylor-f; Joel Price-sb