Will the circle be unbroken : farther along

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Label:Capitol 90416
Release Date:2003-10-21
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. My walkin' shoesJimmy Martin 2:52
Instruments:Jimmy Martin-g; John McEuen-bj; Les Thompson-m; Vassar Clements-f; Jimmie Fadden-h; Junior Huskey-sb; Jim Ibbotson-snare
Vocals:Jimmy Martin-L; Gary Scruggs, Jeff Hanna, Les Thompson, Ray Martin-backing V
2. Catfish JohnAlison Krauss 4:07
Instruments:Alison Krauss-f; Randy Scruggs-g; Jeff Hanna-g; John McEuen-bj; Jimmy Ibbotson-m; Bob Carpenter-ac; Jerry Douglas-db; Barry Bales-sb; Jimmie Fadden-snare/kick drum
Vocals:Alison Krauss-L; Bob Carpenter-H; Jeff Hanna-H; Jimmy Ibbotson-H
3. One step over the lineJohn Hiatt & Rosanne Cash 4:21
Instruments:John Hiatt-g; Jeff Hanna-g; Randy Scruggs-g; Jimmy Ibbotson-m; Mark O'Connor-f; Jimmie Fadden-h; Randy Scruggs-reso g; Bob Carpenter-p; Jerry Douglas-db; Roy Huskey, Jr.-sb; Jimmie Fadden-d
Vocals:John Hiatt-L; Rosanne Cash-L; Bob Carpenter-H; Jeff Hanna-H
4. Roll the stone awayThe Del McCoury Band 4:09
Instruments:Jeff Hanna-g; Randy Scruggs-g; John McEuen-bj; Ronnie McCoury-m; Glen Duncan-f; Jerry Douglas-db; Bob Carpenter-ac; Byron House-sb; Jimmie Fadden-cajón
Vocals:Jeff Hanna-L; Jimmy Ibbotson-H; Bob Carpenter-H
5. Love, please come homeThe Del McCoury Band 2:48
Instruments:Del McCoury-g; John McEuen-bj; Robbie McCoury-bj; Ronnie McCoury-m; Glen Duncan-f; Jimmie Fadden-h; Bob Carpenter-ac; Byron House-sb; Jimmy Ibbotson-snare
Vocals:Del McCoury-L; Bob Carpenter-H; Jeff Hanna-H
6. All prayed upVince Gill 3:09
Instruments:Vince Gill-lg; Randy Scruggs-g; John McEuen-finger-style g; Sam Bush-m; Jimmie Fadden-h; Byron House-sb
Vocals:Vince Gill-L; Bob Carpenter-H; Jeff Hanna-H; Jimmy Ibbotson-H
7. Oh CumberlandMatraca Berg 4:23
Instruments:Matraca Berg-g; Jeff Hanna-lg; John McEuen-bj; Jimmie Fadden-h; Bob Carpenter-ac; Byron House-sb; Jimmy Ibbotson-cajón
Vocals:Matraca Berg-L; Emmylou Harris-L; Bob Carpenter-H; Jeff Hanna-H
8. Fishin' bluesTaj Mahal 4:31
Instruments:Taj Mahal-g; Randy Scruggs-g; John McEuen-m; Jimmy Ibbotson-bz/porch board; Vassar Clements-f; Jimmie Fadden-h; Bob Carpenter-ac; Glenn Worf-sb; Jeff Hanna-washboard
Vocals:Taj Mahal-L
9. The lowlands3:49
Instruments:Jamie Hanna-g; Jonathan McEuen-g; Randy Scruggs-bj; John McEuen-m; Jimmy Ibbotson-bz; Bob Carpenter-ac; Jeff Hanna-National slide g; Glenn Worff-sb; Jimmie Fadden-snare
Vocals:Jamie Hanna-L; Jonathan McEuen-L
10. Return to dismal swamp IIJerry Douglas 3:16
Instruments:Jonathan McEuen-g; Tony Rice-lg; John McEuen-bj; Ronnie McCoury-m; Glen Duncan-f; Jerry Douglas-db; Bob Carpenter-ac; Jimmie Fadden-h; Byron House-sb; Jimmy Ibbotson-cajón; Jaime Hanna-sticks; Jeff Hanna-washboard
11. Earl's breakdownEarl Scruggs 2:37
Instruments:Randy Scruggs-g; Earl Scruggs-bj; Les Thompson-m; Vassar Clements-f; Junior Huskey-sb; Jim Ibbotson-snare
12. I find Jesus3:52
Instruments:Randy Scruggs-g; Jimmy Ibbotson-g; John McEuen-m; Jeff Hanna-National slide g; Jimmie Fadden-h; Byron House-sb
Vocals:Jimmy Ibbotson-L; Bob Carpenter-H; Jeff Hanna-H
13. Mama's opryIris DeMent & Matraca Berg 4:21
Instruments:Iris DeMent-g; Randy Scruggs-g; John McEuen-bj; Jimmy Ibbotson-m; Glen Duncan-f; Jeff Hanna-National sg; Bob Carpenter-ac, Kevin Grantt-sb
Vocals:Iris DeMent-L; Matraca Berg-H; Bob Carpenter-H
14. Will the circle be unbroken