Rockin' rollin'

The Maddox Brothers & Rose

Label:Bear Family BFX 15076
Release Date:1981
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Paul Bunyan love2:22
A-2. I gotta go get my baby2:21
A-3. Let me love you2:02
Composer:T. Collins
A-4. No more time2:02
Composer:Rose Maddox-D. Rose
A-5. I've got four big brothers (to look after me)1:52
Composer:Rose Maddox-D. Rose
A-6. Old black choo-choo2:18
Composer:Fell-H. Maddox
A-7. Ugly and slouchy2:09
Composer:J. Wayne
A-8. The Death of rock and roll2:09
B-1. Stop whistlin' wolf2:26
Composer:Twomey-F. Wise-E. Thomas
B-2. Love is strange2:22
Composer:Ethel Smith-Mickey Baker
B-3. A Short life of it's troubles2:21
Composer:G.B. Grayson
B-4. Empty mansions2:26
Composer:D. Hutchins
B-5. Looky there over there2:11
Composer:Escamilla-Rose Maddox
B-6. You won't believe this2:30
Composer:Dusty Rose-Rose Maddox
B-7. I'll find her2:01
Composer:Rose Maddox
B-8. No help wanted2:07
Composer:Bill Carlisle