Dark as the dungeon : songs of the mines

Various artists

Label:Rebel REB-CD 7510
Release Date:2010-03-30
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2010-05
County Sales:#305
   Discogs.com ID: 6215931
   Amazon ASIN: B0038AMVUQ

Song Information:

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1. Green rolling hillsBill Harrell & the Virginians 3:00
Instruments:Bill Harrell-g; Darrell Sanders-bj; Larry Stephenson-m; Carl Nelson-f; Mike Auldridge-db; Ed Ferris-sb
Vocals:Bill Harrell-L; Larry Stephenson-T; Carl Nelson-B; Ed Ferris-B
2. A miner's lifeThe Country Gentlemen 2:54
Recording Date:1987-11-09
Place:Nashville Sound Connection, Nashville, TN
Instruments:Charlie Waller-g; Keith Little-bj; Norman Wright-m; Glen Duncan-f; Steve Wilson-reso g; Bill Yates-bs
Vocals:C. Waller-L; N. Wright-T; B. Yates-B/BS
3. ParadiseThe Seldom Scene 2:21
Instruments:John Starling-g; Ben Eldridge-bj; John Duffey-m; Mike Auldridge-db; Tom Gray-sb
Vocals:John Starling-L; John Duffey-T; Mike Auldridge-B
4. Call the captainThe Steep Canyon Rangers 4:13
Instruments:Woody Platt-g; Graham Sharp-bj; Mike Guggino-m; Nicky Sanders-f; Charles Humphrey III-sb
Vocals:Woody Platt-L; Mike Guggino-T
5. Dream of a miner's childKeith Whitley & Ricky Skaggs 2:24
Instruments:Keith Whitley-g; Roy Lee Centers-bj; Ricky Skaggs-m; Curly Ray Cline-f; Jack Cooke-sb
Vocals:Keith Whitley-V
6. Black dust feverThe Wildwood Valley Boys 2:32
Instruments:Tony Holt-g; Wes Vanderpool-bj; David Long-m; Greg Moore-f; Kevin Kehrberg-bs
Vocals:Tony Holt-L; David Long-T
7. In those minesValerie Smith & Liberty Pike 3:42
Instruments:Chris Eldridge-g; Becky Buller-clawhammer bj/vla; John Wesley Lee-m; Andy Hall-db; Jessica Lee-sb
Vocals:Valerie Smith-L; Russell Moore-T
8. Daddy's dinner bucketRalph Stanley II 3:29
Instruments:Ralph Stanley II-g; Steve Sparkman-bj; John Rigsby-m; James Price-f; Mark Fain-sb
Vocals:Ralph Stanley II-V
9. Digging in the groundLarry Sparks 2:47
Instruments:Larry Sparks-g; Jim Britton-bj; Scott Napier-m; Tim Caudill-sb
Vocals:Larry Sparks-V
10. Coal town Saturday nightRandall Hylton 3:04
Instruments:Randall Hylton-g
Vocals:Randall Hylton-V
11. The river ran blackDavid Davis & the Warrior River Boys 4:38
Instruments:Adam Duke-g; Daniel Grindstaff-bj; David Davis-m; Owen Saunders-f; Marty Hays-bs
Vocals:David Davis-L; Adam Duke-LT; Marty Hays-B
12. West Virginia's last hand loaderBlue Highway 4:31
Instruments:Tim Stafford-g; Jason Burleson-bj; Shawn Lane-m; Rob Ickes-db; Wayne Taylor-bs
Vocals:Tim Stafford-V
13. The hermit minerPerfect Strangers 3:57
Instruments:Peter McLaughlin-rg; Chris Brashear-lg; Bob Black-bj; Jody Stecher-m; Forrest Rose-bs
Vocals:Peter McLaughlin-L; Chris Brashear-T
14. Dark as a dungeonJames Alan Shelton 4:34
Instruments:Tim Stafford-rg; James Alan Shelton-lg; Adam Steffey-m; Hunter Berry-f; Barry Bales-sb
Vocals:Shawn Lane-LV/TC; Dan Moneyhun-LC; Tim Stafford-B