Acoustic vision

Mark Johnson & Emory Lester

Label:Bangtown BANG-CD 005
Release Date:2010
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2010-07
County Sales:#305
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Song Information:

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1. Brown County breakdown3:18
2. Hodgkiss Hill2:57
3. The dark & the rolling sea3:57
4. Blockade runner at Cedar Key2:04
5. Mother of a miner's child3:43
6. Little Sean3:14
7. Brown Mountain light3:22
8. Buck Creek dawn2:29
9. The old time drunkard2:18
10. Forever true4:05
11. Kayla Anne2:51
12. My Sally3:29
13. Browntown Road2:01
14. Bright sunny South2:07