Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 16

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 016
Release Date:1995-07-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. It's a long, long roadBlue Highway 3:24
Composer:Jack Tottle; Wynwood Music, BMI
Instruments:Wayne Taylor-bs; Shawn Lane-m; Tim Stafford-g; Jason Burleson-bj; Rob Ickes-db
Vocals:Wayne Taylor-L; Shawn Lane-T
2. Yesterday's newsThe Witcher Brothers 3:10
Composer:Dennis Witcher; Elk Dog Music
Instruments:Dennis Witcher-m; Gabe Witcher-f; Kenny Blackwell-g; Kevin Gore-bj; Andrew Paddock-bs
Vocals:Dennis Witcher-L; Gabe Witcher-T
3. Now or neverHighstrung 3:10
Composer:J. L. Nettuno-M. Lavlerica-K. Tew; Highstrung Music, BMI
Instruments:Keith Tew-g; Jerry Nettuno-m; Terry Campbell-bs; Steve Pye-bj; Aubrey Haynie-f
Vocals:Keith Tew-L; Jerry Nettuno-T; Terry Campbell-B
4. One way trip5 for the Gospel 3:40
Composer:Ricky Skaggs-Wes Golding; Harbor Grace Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Gary Waugh-h; Bill Hamm-m; Rick May-g; Johnny Branham-bj; Pat Holbrook-bs; [Jason Carter-f]
Vocals:Gary Waugh-L; Bill Hamm-T; Rick May-B
5. Your cheatin' heartErnie Thacker 2:55
Composer:Hank Williams; Acuff-Rose Music/Hiriam Music
Instruments:Jeff White-g; Randy Howard-f; Ronnie McCoury-m; Gene Libbea-bs
Vocals:Ernie Thacker-L; Jeff White-T
6. A heart that will never break againEaster Brothers 3:28
Composer:Russell Easter-James Easter-Ed Easter; EBEA Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Russell Easter-g/bj; James Easter-g; Ed Easter-m; Jason Easter-db; Russell Easter, Jr.-bs
Vocals:Russell Easter-L; James Easter-T; Ed Easter-B
7. Where dear friends will never partSpecial Consensus 2:34
Composer:Keith Little; Paul Craft Music, BMI
Instruments:Martin Marrone-g; Greg Cahill-bj; Darren Wilcox-bs; Drew Carson-m
Vocals:Martin Marrone-L; Greg Cahill-T; Darren Wilcox-B
8. He's just what I needEaster Brothers 3:41
Composer:Russell Easter, Jr.; Russell and Barbara Easter Publishing
Instruments:Vicki Hurley-m; Russell Easter, Jr.-rg/db; Jared Easter-cabsa; Mark Hurley-bs; Jeff Tolbert-f
Vocals:Russell Easter-L; Vicki Hurley-T; Russell Easter, Jr.-B
9. Cody's tearBlue Mule (Virginia) 3:44
Composer:Jordy Sharp; Socan Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Garret Doyle-ebs; Geoff Somers-m; Peter Deachman-g; Jordy Sharp-bj
Vocals:Garret Doyle-L; Geoff Somers-T; Peter Deachman-B
10. No one comes nearBob Everhart & the Blackberry Pickers 4:05
Composer:Bob Everhart; Royal Flair Music, BMI
Instruments:Bob Everhart-g; Markus Stadler-bj; Wulf Behrend-db; Floor Steinacher-bs; Warren Amberson-m
Vocals:Bob Everhart-L; Markus Stadler-H; Wulf Behrend-H; Floor Steinacher-H; Warren Amberson-H
11. Over the mountainMichael Johnathon 3:12
Instruments:Michael Johnathon-bj; Homer Ledford-m/f
Vocals:Michael Johnathon-L; Carla Gover-H
12. I've been redeemedWoody Manning 2:20
Composer:Yates-Manning Gospel Music/Leon Turner Music, BMI
Instruments:Woody Manning-rg; Carter Cantrell-lg/m; Stevie Williams-f; Louie Raby-bs
Vocals:Woody Manning-L
13. Holding onHighstrung 2:51
Composer:Terry Campbell-Keith Tew; Highstrung Music, BMI
Instruments:Terry Campbell-bs; Jerry Nettuno-m; Keith Tew-g; Steve Pye-bj; Aubrey Haynie-f
Vocals:Terry Campbell-L; Jerry Nettuno-T; Keith Tew-B
14. Carolina SundayThe Witcher Brothers 3:18
Composer:Dennis Witcher; Elk Dog Music
Instruments:Dennis Witcher-m; Tim O'Brien-g; Gabe Witcher-f; Harry Guffee-db; Andrew Paddock-bs
Vocals:Dennis Witcher-L; Tim O'Brien-T; Gabe Witcher-HB