Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 24

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 024
Release Date:1996-11-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Pocono jubileeAndrew Roblin & the Pocono Mountain Men 2:24
Composer:Jack Yellin-George L. Cobb; Warner Brothers/Roblin Songs
Instruments:Andrew Roblin-bj; Rich Starkey-g; Scott Eager-m; Joe Spinelli-bs
Vocals:Andrew Roblin-L
2. I'm going that wayBolt Brothers & Stacie 2:53
Composer:James Rowe; L.B. Register, P.D.
Instruments:Daniel Bolt-g/m; Samuel Bolt-bj; David Johnson-f; Tim Surrett-bs
Vocals:Daniel Bolt-L; Samuel Bolt-T; Stacie Bolt-T
3. The old crossroadsDebbie Lee & Dick Kimmel 4:48
Composer:Bill Monroe
Instruments:Dick Kimmel-m; Leo Rosenstein-g; Bob Black-bj; Al Murphy-f; Sandy Njoes-bs
Vocals:Debbie Lee-L; Dick Kimmel-H
4. The night the Titanic went downDean Sapp & the Harford Express 3:07
Composer:Dean Sapp; Old Train Music, BMI
Instruments:Dean Sapp-g; Dan Curtis-m; Bill Graybeal-bs; George Osing-bj; Ted Lundy, Jr.-f
Vocals:Dean Sapp-L; Dan Curtis-B; Bill Graybeal-T
5. I can't wait for the dayThe Cockman Family 2:48
Composer:Caroline Cockman; Cockman Family Publisher, BMI
Instruments:John Cockman, Jr.-g; Billy Cockman-bj; Ben Cockman-m; John Cockman, Jr.-f; David Cockman-bs
Vocals:Caroline Cockman-L; Ben Cockman-B; John Cockman-H; David Cockman-H
6. LighthouseNeshoba 3:32
Composer:Ronnie Henson; Journey Music, BMI
Instruments:Fred Duggin-g; Mike Schrimpf-bs/kb/strings
Vocals:Donny Catron-L; Ricky Reece-LT; Doyle Catron-B; Clarence Tate-BS
7. Grandma's BibleThe Tylers & Tippecanoe 3:14
Composer:Dee Tyler-Kathy Tyler; Tylertoons Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Billy Parker-g/m; Bobby Anderson-bj; Peggy Peterson-db; Robert Beene-bs
Vocals:Kathy Tyler-L; Dee Tyler-L/T; Joe Tyler-B
8. Thank youAndrew Roblin & the Pocono Mountain Men 3:22
Composer:Andrew Roblin-Scott Eager; Roblin Songs, ASCAP
Instruments:Scott Eager-m; Rich Starkey-g; Andrew Roblin-bj; Jim Daniels-f; Joe Spinelli-bs
Vocals:Scott Eager-L; Rich Starkey-T; Andrew Roblin-B