Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 31

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 031
Release Date:1998-01-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Give me lots of loveThe Virginia Cutups 2:12
Composer:Charles Frazier; Virginia Arts Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Charles Frazier-g; Jeff Vogelgesang-m; Alvin Breeden-bj; Donnie Shifflet-bs
Vocals:Charles Frazier-LV/TC; Jeff Vogelgesang-TV/LC; Alvin Breeden-B
2. Blood stains on the crossLarry Sparks 2:43
Composer:Bruce Jackson; Top of Holston Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Larry Sparks-g; Scott Napier-m; David Johnson-f/db; Tim Surrett-bs
Vocals:Larry Sparks-L/H
3. Here's mud in your eyeDave Evans 4:19
Composer:David Evans; Neon Records
Instruments:Dave Evans-g/bj; Gerald Evans-f/m; Tracy Evans-g; Matt Mauch-db; Clancy Fields-bs
Vocals:Dave Evans-L
4. Roxanna waltzJames Monroe 3:55
Composer:Bill Monroe; Bill Monroe Music, BMI
Instruments:James Monroe-g; Vic Jordan-bj; Robert Bowlin-1st f; Buddy Spicher-2nd f; Alan Phelps-db; David Spicher-bs
5. Just when I needed you mostRhonda Vincent 3:16
Composer:Randy Van Warmer; WB Music/Terraform Music/Fourth Floor Musi
Instruments:Ronnie Light-g; Kris Wilkerson-vla; Darrin Vincent-bs
Vocals:Rhonda Vincent-L/T; Darrin Vincent-B
6. Black eyed SusieBaucom, Bibey, Graham & Haley 2:02
Composer:Public domain
Instruments:Randy Graham-bs; Terry Baucom-bj; Jimmy Haley-g; Alan Bibey-m
Vocals:Randy Graham-LV/TC; Jimmy Haley-LC; Alan Bibey-B
7. I will grow in love with youPam Gadd 3:19
Composer:Pam Gadd; Hamstein Cumberland Music, BMI
Instruments:Pam Gadd-rg/ah; Jeff White-g; Paul Kramer-m; Wanda Vick Burchfield-f/db; Mark Burchfield-bs
Vocals:Pam Gadd-L; Dale Ann Bradley-HH; Tim Hensley-LH
8. Love's gonna live hereThe Chapman Family 2:57
Composer:A. Owens; Tree Publishing, BMI
Instruments:John Chapman-g; Bill Chapman-bj; Jeremy Chapman-m; Jason Chapman-bs; Tim Crouch-f
Vocals:John Chapman-L; Bill Chapman-LT; Jeremy Chapman-B
9. Red clay haloValerie Smith 3:04
Composer:Gillian Welch; Irving Music, MBI
Instruments:Harold Kennedy-g; Stuart Duncan-f; Roland White-m; Jerry Douglas-db; Gene Libbea-bs
Vocals:Valerie Smith-L; Alan O'Bryant-T
10. Only the river knowsBen Winship 3:15
Composer:Ben Winship; Fried Acres Music, ASCAP
Instruments:David Grier-g; Sally VanMeter-db; Matt Flinner-bz; Ben Winship-bs
Vocals:Ben Winship-L; Judith Edelman-T; Phil Round-B
11. Bluegrass Now's DJ Homecoming & Fan's Choice Award0:20
12. Bluegrass Now's DJ Homecoming & Fan's Choice Award0:30
13. Bluegrass Now's DJ Homecoming & Fan's Choice Award0:50
14. Hold on to your dreamsLarry Sparks 2:53
Composer:David Marshall; Four Iron Music, BMI
Instruments:Larry Sparks-g; John Bowman-g; David Johnson-f/db; Scott Napier-m; Tim Surrett-bs
Vocals:Larry Sparks-L/B; Tricia Robertson-T
15. Uncle PenJames Monroe 1:58
Composer:Bill Monroe; Peer International, BMI
Instruments:James Monroe-g; Charlie Cushman-bj; Robert Bowlin-f; Alan Phelps-db; Billy Linneman-bs
Vocals:James Monroe-L; Alan O'Bryant-T
16. Man on the street interview; Shortnin' breadThe VW Boys 1:56
Instruments:Jerry Jones-f
Vocals:Jerry Jones-V
17. Can I pick one?The VW Boys 4:36
Composer:McPeak-White-Vaught; Mack Haun Music, BMI
Instruments:Larry McPeak-bs; Dave Vaught-g/357 Magnum; Tim White-bj/jh; Kevin Jackson-f; Randy Jackson-m; Robert Spencer-spoons
Vocals:Larry McPeak-L
18. High horseW. C. Taylor, Jr. 2:39
Composer:Lee Randall; Hardy Station Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Bobby All-g; Scott Sanders-db; Aubrey Haynie-f/m; Jerry Kroon-perc; David Smith-bs
Vocals:W.C. Taylor-L/H