Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 32

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 032
Release Date:1998-03-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Fast train through ArkansasValerie Smith 2:19
Composer:Wayne Raney; Wolf Bayou Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Alan O'Bryant-bj; Harold Kennedy-g; Stuart Duncan-f; Roland White-m; Jerry Douglas-db; Gene Libbea-sb
Vocals:Valerie Smith-L; Debbie Champion-H; Alan O'Bryant-H
2. Fast as I can crawlMark Newton 3:03
Composer:Brant Miller-David Woodward; Paul Craft Music, BMI
Instruments:Mark Newton-m; Tony Rice-g; Sammy Shelor-bj; Rickie Simpkins-f
Vocals:Mark Newton-L; Don Rigsby-T; Dudley Connell-B
3. You should see my heartUnlimited Tradition 2:48
Composer:Bernie Faulkner-J. P. Pennington; Fancy Pants Music/Pacific
Instruments:Ray Craft-g; Shayne Bartley-m; Jason Hale-bs; [Craig Smith-bj; Aubrey Haynie-f]
Vocals:Ray Craft-L; Scottie Sparks-T; Dan Tyminski-B
4. Take your shoes off Moses2:08
Composer:J. D. Jarvis; Spangle Music/Weldee Music, BMI
Instruments:Tim Austin-g; Craig Smith-bj; Aubrey Haynie-f; Adam Steffey-m; Barry Bales-sb
Vocals:Dan Tyminski-L; Dwight McCall-T
5. Church bellsThe Sitze Family 2:50
Composer:Chad Sitze-Candy Sitze; BMI
Instruments:Chad Sitze-bj; Denny Sitze-g; Dennijo Sitze-h/m; Andy Sitze-bs
Vocals:Chad Sitze-L; Candy Sitze-T; Denny Sitze-BS; Dennijo Sitze-B
6. Hey Mama, just look at me nowDave Evans 4:03
Composer:Dave Evans
Instruments:Dave Evans-g; Tracy Evans-rg; Gerald Evans-f/m; Matt Mauch-db; Clancy Fields-sb
Vocals:Dave Evans-L
7. Texas RedStrength in Numbers 4:10
Composer:Sam Bush-Bela Fleck; Samanda Lynn Music/Fleck Music, BMI
Instruments:Bela Fleck-bj; Mark O'Connor-f; Sam Bush-m; Jerry Douglas-db; Edgar Meyer-sb
8. Hard luck and troubleSam Hill 2:39
Composer:Jeffrey Smith; New Timey Music, BMI
Instruments:Jeff Smith-m; Doug Sammons-g; Dave Chalupsky-bj; Dave Trainer-f; Rick Winter-bs
Vocals:Jeff Smith-LV/TC; Doug Sammons-LC; Dave Chalupsky-B
9. Walk the waves with JesusArt Stevenson & High Water 2:37
Composer:Butch Mason; Wolf Tracks Music, BMI
Instruments:Art Stevenson-g; Dale Reichert-bj; Chris Silver-m; Stephanie Stevenson-sb
Vocals:Art Stevenson-L; Stephanie Stevenson-T; Dale Reichert-B
10. Fiddle in "A" breakdownThe Jim Buchanan System 3:18
Composer:Jim Buchanan; Twenty First Century Gospel Music, BMI
Instruments:Jim Buchanan-f; Tim May-g; Tom Saffell-bj; Byron House-bs
11. Little liesWhite Oak 3:08
Composer:Jeff White; Shiroisan/Integrated Copyright Group, BMI
Instruments:Jimmy Hill-m; Randy Colyott-bj; Warren Dement-g; Kevin Lewis-f; Don Goff-bs
Vocals:Jimmy Hill-L; Randy Colyott-T; Warren Dement-B
12. Soldiers requestStoney Gap 3:21
Composer:Cecil L. Sampson; BMI
Instruments:Mike McIntyre-g; Sam O'Neal-bs; Elliot Hall-m; Lamar Sampson-f
Vocals:Mike McIntyre-recitation; Sam O'Neal-L; Elliot Hall-T; Lamar Sampson-B