Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 35

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 035
Release Date:1998-09-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. You couldn't come back nowUnlimited Tradition 2:18
Composer:Gerald Williamson; Redwing Music, BMI
Instruments:Ray Craft-g; Craig Smith-bj; Aubrey Haynie-f; Shayne Bartley-m; Jason Hale-sb
Vocals:Scottie Sparks-LV/TC; Ray Craft-LC; Dan Tyminski-B
2. Today's the day I get my gold watch & chainRichard Bennett 3:48
Composer:Tommy Freeman; Witt Music, BMI
Instruments:Richard Bennett-g; Ronnie McCoury-m; Randall Barnes-bs
Vocals:Richard Bennett-L
3. Mommy please stay home with meThe Chapmans 3:28
Instruments:John Chapman-g; Jason Chapman-sb; Jeremy Chapman-m
Vocals:John Chapman-L; Jason Chapman-T; Jeremy Chapman-B
4. Teardrops will kiss the mountain dewPaul Craft 3:00
Composer:Paul Craft; Rocky Top Music, BMI
Instruments:Jeff White-g; Scott Vestal-bj; Rob Ickes-db; Randy Howard-f/m; Roy Huskey, Jr.-sb; Larry Atamanuik-bs
Vocals:Paul Craft-L; Bekka Bramlett-L/HB; John Starling-B
5. Sleepless nightsThe Nobles 2:46
Composer:Felice & Boudleaux Bryant; House of Bryant, BMI
Instruments:Ronnie Light-g; Bryan Sutton-m; Kris Wilkenson-vla; Darrin Vincent-bs
Vocals:Aubry Noble-L; Dolly Parton-H; Shea Noble-H
6. CharmaineBob Haydon 2:41
Composer:Jimmy Arnold; Zap Publishing Co., BMI
Instruments:Bob Haydon-bj; Steve Miller-lg; David Peters-rg; Reggie Rueffer-f; Mike Auldridge-db; Mark Abbott-bs
7. New roadNew Road 2:56
Composer:Scott Payne; Eastern V; BMI
Instruments:Randall Massengill-g; Mike Ramsey-m; Stuart Wyrick-bj; Vic Graves-db; Scott Payne-bs; [Jeff Tolbert-f]
Vocals:Randall Massengill-L; Mike Ramsey-H; Stuart Wyrick-H
8. What ever happened to Mayberry?The VW Boys 2:29
Composer:McPeak-Vaught-White; Larry McPeak Music, BMI
Instruments:Dave Vaught-g; Larry McPeak-sb; Tim White-bj; David Browning-Barneyisms; Stan Bowman-sound effects
Vocals:Dave Vaught-L; Larry McPeak-T; Tim White-B
9. I'm lonely tonightLarry Ford 2:27
Composer:Bill Runkel; Midstream Music, BMI
Instruments:Larry Ford-g; Charlie Cushman-bj; Aubrey Haynie-f; Justin Clark-m; Blake Williams-bs
Vocals:Larry Ford-L/T
10. To live is Christ, to die is gainNew Horizon 3:18
Composer:Tim Graves
Instruments:Kenny Smith-g; Mark Fain-sb; Jeff Tolbert-db/f
Vocals:Tim Graves-L; Jennifer Hale-T; DeWayne Light-B; Jamie Akin-BS
11. Slipping awayClay County 3:01
Composer:Susan Nikas
Instruments:Susan Nikas-g; Dennis Caplinger-f/db; Frank Abrahams-m; Jim Logue-bs
Vocals:Susan Nikas-L/H; Jim Dawson-T
12. Roll the rock awayOne Riot, One Ranger 4:06
Composer:Chas Williams-Rangers; Mountainside Music, BMI
Instruments:Chas Williams-m; Mark Wyatt-bs; Mark Gaskill-g; Carl Yaffey-bj; Pete Remenyi-h
Vocals:Chas Williams-L; Mark Wyatt-T; Mark Gaskill-B