Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 36

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 036
Release Date:1998-11-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. There is a highwayThe Cockman Family 2:30
Composer:John E. Cockman, Jr.; Cockman Family Pub., BMI
Place:Queen City Records, Charlotte, NC
Instruments:Billy Cockman-bj; Ben Cockman-m; John Cockman, Sr.-g; David Cockman-sb
Vocals:Carolyn Cockman-L; Billy Cockman-T; Ben Cockman-B; John Cockman, Jr.-BS
2. Bridge to PortsmouthChris Jones 3:13
Composer:Chris Jones; Gal Sal Music, BMI
Instruments:Chris Jones-g; Ron Block-bj; Ron Stewart-f; Aubrey Haynie-m; Darrin Vincent-bs
Vocals:Chris Jones-L; Paul Brewster-T
3. Two girls from GalaxButch Baldassari 3:36
Composer:P. D.
Instruments:Butch Baldassari-m; Gene Ford-g; John Hedgecoth-mc; Kenny Malone-perc
4. I give you to his heartAlison Krauss 4:32
Composer:Ron Block; Moonlight Canyon
Instruments:Alison Krauss-vla; Ron Block-lg/rg; Bill Piburn-classical g; Jerry Douglas-db; Barry Bales-sb; Kenny Malone-perc
Vocals:Alison Krauss-L; Ron Block-LT; Dan Tyminski-B
5. High watersDave Evans 3:15
Composer:Dave Evans; Neon Records
Instruments:Dave Evans-bj/g; Ray Craft-g; Randy Thomas-m; Gerald Evans-f; Clancy Fields-bs
Vocals:Dave Evans-LV/TC; Clancy Fields-LC; Gerald Evans-B
6. I need JesusThe Isaacs 3:28
Composer:Judy Marshall; Zap Publishing, BMI
Vocals:Beck Isaacs Bowman-L; Ben Isaacs-LT/BS; Lily Isaacs-A
7. Ye men of GalileeThe Isaacs 2:39
Composer:Joe Isaacs; Jaymore Music, BMI
Instruments:Tim Surrett-db; Becky Isaacs Bowman-g; Joe Isaacs-bj; John Bowman-f; Adam Steffey-m; Ben Isaacs-sb
Vocals:Tim Surrett-L; Lily Isaacs-H
8. Tempest of a jealous loveJerry Wicentowski 2:37
Composer:Tim O'Brien; Forerunner Music, BMI
Instruments:Jerry Wicentowski-g; Scott Vestal-bj; Byron Berline-f; Andy Statman-m; Mark Hembree-bs
Vocals:Jerry Wicentowski-L; Tim O'Brien-T
9. Things will be better next yearWil Maring 2:57
Composer:Lillian Maring; Roan Pony Music, BMI
Instruments:Wil Maring-g; Mark Stoffel-m; Doug Knecht-bj; Rob Ickes-db; Geoff Maring-bs
Vocals:Wil Maring-L/HH; Mila Maring-HH; Mark Stoffel-B
10. Bad ridgeRick Stanley & Bad Ridge 2:14
Composer:Rick Stanley-Donna Ulisse; Pop 'N' Paw Music, ASCAP
Instruments:Rick Stanley-g; Bruce Watkins-g; Charlie Cushman-bj; Steve Thomas-f/m; David Smith-bs
Vocals:Rick Stanley-L; Curtis Wright-T; Larry Cordell-B
11. Carolina blueMaro Kawabata 3:23
Composer:Maro Kawabata; New Riverside Music
Instruments:Maro Kawabata-g; Kazuhiro Inaba-bj; Ron Stuart-f; Butch Baldassari-m; Missy Raines-sb
12. Jamie LynnLicense to Drive 3:14
Composer:Buck McCumbers, BMI
Instruments:Buck McCumbers-m; Lance Gainer-g; Brad Britton-bj; Dwayne McCumbers-db; Bernie Radcliff-sb
Vocals:Buck McCumbers-L; Lance Gainer-LT; Brad Britton-B
13. Long and slow declineOne Riot, One Ranger 2:33
Composer:Ron House; Great Plains/Symbolic Gesture Music, BMI
Instruments:Mark Gaskill-g; Chas Williams-m; Carl Yaffey-bj; Pete Remenyi-bs; Mark Wyatt-bs
Vocals:Mark Wyatt-L; Mark Gaskill-T; Chas Williams-HB
14. Where angels singThe Nobles 3:41
Composer:Sheri Noble-Audrey Noble-Darrin Vincent; Midnite Jam Collect
Instruments:Bryan Sutton-g/m; Sonny Garrish-db; Darrin Vincent-bs
Vocals:Aubry Noble-L; Shea Noble-H; Trevor Noble-H
15. Crazy 'bout huntin' & fishin'W. C. Taylor, Jr. 2:40
Composer:Jim Cox-Rick Wingirter; Wingirter Music/Hardy Station, BMI
Instruments:W.C. Taylor-g; Deano Graham-g/bs; David Johnson-f/m/db
Vocals:W.C. Taylor-L; James Ducker-H
16. Christmastime in my hometownWil Maring 4:28
Composer:Lillian Maring; Roan Pony Music, BMI
Instruments:Wil Maring-g; Mark Stoffel-m; Rob Ickes-db; Geoff Maring-bs
Vocals:Wil Maring-L/HH; Mark Stoffel-B