Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 37

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 037
Release Date:1999-01-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Walkin' in my shoesThe Kathy Kallick Band 2:40
Composer:Kathy Kallick; Red Shirt Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Kathy Kallick-g; Amy Stenberg-sb; Tom Bekeny-m; Avram Siegel-bj
Vocals:Kathy Kallick-L; Amy Stenberg-T; Tom Bekeny-B
2. Wicked path of sinThe Churchmen 2:41
Composer:Bill Monroe; APRS, BMI
Instruments:Steve Stone-g; Freddy Rakes-bj; Keith Clark-bs; Gerald Harbour-m; Christian Gillikin-f
Vocals:Steve Stone-L; Freddy Rakes-T; Keith Clark-B; Gerald Harbour-BS
3. Sweet is the melodyJerry Wicentowski 4:07
Composer:Iris DeMent; Songs of Iris, BMI
Instruments:Jerry Wicentowski-g; Scott Vestal-bj; Byron Berline-f; Andy Statman-m; Mark Hembree-sb
Vocals:Jerry Wicentowski-L; Tim O'Brien-T
4. He still looks over meThe Lewis Family 3:04
Composer:Michael Richards-Lodney Lay, Jr.; Winding Way Music, ASCAP
Instruments:Lewis Phillips-g; Buddy Spicher-f; Bruce Watkins-m; Hargus "Pig" Robbins-p; Travis Lewis-bs; Jim White-perc
Vocals:Lewis Phillips-L; Wayne Haun-H
5. We know betterPaul Craft 3:04
Composer:Paul Craft; Black Sheep Music/Screen Gems-EMI Music, BMI
Instruments:Jeff White-g; Scott Vestal-bj; Randy Howard-m; Rob Ickes-db; Roy Huskey, Jr.-sb
Vocals:Paul Craft-L; Alan O'Bryant-T; Claire Lynch-HB
6. Texas galesSteve Kaufman 2:23
Composer:Arr. Steve Kaufman
Instruments:Steve Kaufman-g/m/sb
7. High plateauMark Newton 4:37
Composer:Brant Miller; Paul Craft Music, BMI
Instruments:Mark Newton-rg; Tony Rice-lg/rg; Rickie Simpkins-f; Mike Auldridge-db; Ronnie Simpkins-sb
Vocals:Mark Newton-L(1st, 3rd verses); Ronnie Bowman-L(2nd, 3rd verses)/BC; Don Rigsby-T
8. Man in the middleValerie Smith 3:10
Composer:Harley Campbell; Paul Craft Music, BMI
Instruments:Harold Kennedy-g; Stuart Duncan-f; Ronnie McCoury-m; Jerry Douglas-db; Gene Libbea-bs
Vocals:Valerie Smith-L; Debbie Champion-H; Alan O'Bryant-H
9. Turn the green hills brownMike Henderson 3:00
Composer:Mike Henderson; Paul Craft Music, BMI
Instruments:Mark Newton-g; Bill Emerson-bj; Rickie Simpkins-f; Emory Lester-m; Fred Travers-db; Ronnie Simpkins-sb
Vocals:Mike Henderson-L; Mark Newton-T; Steve Spence-B
10. Going homeDavid Bridges & the Center Hill Gang 2:45
Composer:D. Bridges-G. Bush; D.L. Bridges Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Darrin Vincent-g/m/bs; Arvel Ellis Bird-f
Vocals:David Bridges-L; Darrin Vincent-H
11. Lord, if I make it to HeavenLarry Ford 3:31
Composer:Tommy Overstreet-Dale Vest; Dutchess Music, BMI
Instruments:Larry Ford-g; Charlie Cushman-bj; Aubrey Haynie-f; Bobby Clark-m; Blake Williams-bs
Vocals:Larry Ford-L/B
12. Line dancingW. C. Taylor & NewGrass 2:02
Composer:Rick Wingerter; Wingerter Music/Hardy Station Pub., BMI
Instruments:W.C. Taylor-g; David Johnson-m/db/f; Deano Graham-bs
Vocals:W.C. Taylor-L; James Ducker-H
13. Bluegrass rootsA Touch of Grass (California) 3:25
Composer:Jack Lewis; Poppy Mountain Music, BMI
Instruments:Jack Lewis-rg; Carter Brickey-lg/m; Bobby Maynard-bj; Dean Johnson-bs
Vocals:Jack Lewis-L/H