Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 38

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 038
Release Date:1999-03-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Break my heartJeanette Williams 2:36
Composer:Irl Hees; Sally Mountain Music, BMI
Instruments:Dan Tyminski-m; Tim Austin-g; Craig Smith-bj; Aubrey Haynie-f; Rob Ickes-db; Ben Isaacs-sb
Vocals:Jeanette Williams-L; Dan Tyminski-H
2. Cattin' aroundThe Grass Cats 2:18
Composer:Russell Johnson; BMI
Instruments:Greg Miller-g; Russell Johnson-m; Tim Woodall-bj; Chris Hill-f; John Wade-bs
Vocals:Greg Miller-L; Russell Johnson-T; Tim Woodall-B
3. See the KingThe Isaacs 3:20
Composer:Larry Petree; Petree Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Tim Surrett-db; John Bowman-g; Adam Steffey-m; Ben Isaacs-sb
Vocals:Tim Surrett-L; Sonya Isaacs Surrett-H; Becky Isaacs Bowman-H
4. Cluck old henDirk Powell, Tim O'Brien, John Herrmann 2:02
Composer:P.D., arr. Dirk Powell-Tim O'Brien-John Herrman
Instruments:John Herrmann-gourd bj; Dirk Powell-f
Vocals:Tim O'Brien-L
5. High lonesome loveNancy Moore 2:06
Composer:Dixie Hall; Good Home Grown Music, BMI
Instruments:Bobby All-g; Scott Vestal-bj; Ronnie McCoury-m; Robert Bowlin-f; Mike Bub-sb
Vocals:Nancy Moore-L; Terry Eldredge-H; Denise All-H
6. Blackberry blossomSteve Kaufman
Instruments:Steve Kaufman-g/m/sb
6. Talking guitar bluesSteve Kaufman 2:23
Instruments:Steve Kaufman-g/m/sb
Vocals:Steve Kaufman-L
7. I lift up the name of JesusThe Lewis Family 2:03
Composer:Randall Hylton; Hyltone Music, BMI
Instruments:Bruce Watkins-g/m; Little Roy Lewis-bj; Buddy Spicher-f; Travis Lewis-sb; Hargus "Pig" Robbins-p; Jeff White-perc
Vocals:Lewis Phillips-L
8. Home sweet highwayPam Gadd 3:06
Composer:Pam Gadd; Home Sweet Highway Music/Hamstein Cumberland Music
Instruments:Pam Gadd-g/bj; Kati Penn-f; Andy Todd-lg/m/bs; Al Goll-db
Vocals:Pam Gadd-L; Kati Penn-T; Andy Todd-B
9. Ancient historyPaul Craft 3:09
Composer:Paul Craft; Paul Craft Music, BMI
Instruments:Bruce Watkins-g; Eric Silver-m; Rob Ickes-db; Kip Paxton-bs; Dave Lawbaugh-perc
Vocals:Paul Craft-L
10. How I miss my darling motherBluegrass Redliners 2:26
Composer:Don Reno; Silverhill Music
Instruments:Chris Ruud-m; Dave Leicht-g; Howard Hood-bj; Dolly Mae Bradshaw-sb
Vocals:Chris Ruud-L; Dolly Mae Bradshaw-T
11. Don't tell DorisMike Henderson 3:30
Composer:Mike Henderson; Paul Craft Music, BMI
Instruments:Mark Newton-g; Bill Emerson-bj; Rickie Simpkins-f; Emory Lester-m; Ronnie Simpkins-sb
Vocals:Mike Henderson-L; Mark Newton-T; Steve Spence-B
12. Little Liza JaneClay County 3:48
Composer:P.D.; additional lyrics, Sue Nikas
Instruments:Susan Nikas-g; Jim Dawson-bj; Jim Logue-bs; Dennis Caplinger-f; Frank Abrahams-m
Vocals:Susan Nikas-L; Jim Dawson-T; Jim Logue-B
13. Down on Grandpa's farmW. C. Taylor & NewGrass 3:33
Composer:Bruce D. Yager; Music in the Right Keys/Wingerter Music, BMI
Instruments:David Johnson-g/m/f; Scott Sanders-db; Deano Graham-bs
Vocals:W.C. Taylor-L; James Ducker-H