Pete Pyle and the Mississippi Valley Boys

Pete Pyle & the Mississippi Valley Boys

Label:Cattle LP 106
Release Date:1989
Country:Germany ID: 9136263

Song Information:

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A-1. Home sweet home in the Rockies
A-2. Mark me off your list
A-3. Little blue-eyed blonde goodbye
A-4. Why don't you haul off and love me
A-5. Talking the blues
A-6. Don't you worry 'bout me when I'm gone
A-7. Love's a game that two can play
A-8. Are you making a fool of me
B-1. It's so hard to be just a pal to you
B-2. Living in sorrow
B-3. Think twice
B-4. I guess you'll soon forget
B-5. I'll be gone for awhile
B-6. I made a mistake
B-7. Little blue-eyed blonde goodbye #1