Wish I were there

Louie Setzer & the Appalachian Mountain Boys

Label:Ampersand No #
Release Date:2010
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2011-03

Song Information:

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1. They'll take me in chains2:23
2. You'll find her name written there3:35
3. I'll be true while you're gone2:20
4. It rains the same in Missouri3:17
5. Invitation to your party2:34
6. I like you best of all the leading brands3:22
7. Wish I were there3:32
8. Route 6 ramble2:28
9. For the first time3:08
10. Letter edged in black3:38
11. Heaven3:52
12. Hit parade of love2:39
13. Mr. Engineer3:15
14. I saw you from Heaven3:08
15. Nobody's love is like mine2:07
16. How great Thou art3:46