Bluegrass heaven. Vol. 1

Various artists

Label:Mansion ?
Release Date:2010-11-09
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. What a glad day2:41
Composer:Gerald Sweatman; Wind in Willow Pub., BMI
2. I've a mansion over in glory2:53
Composer:M.R. Shiver; Stamps Quartet Music, BMI
3. I'll be a witness2:29
Composer:Public domain
4. Traveling shoes1:49
Composer:Rex Nelson-Marc Bishop; Rex Nelson Music/Possum Run/Centergy
5. Rank strangers to me3:22
Composer:Albert Brumley, Sr.; Bridge Building Music, BMI
6. River of Jordan1:36
Composer:Public domain
7. I talk to Him in prayer2:28
Composer:Public domain
8. There's one2:41
Composer:Jim Nichoff; Stamps Quartet, BMI
9. Rose among the thorn3:00
Composer:Ernest Martin; East View Pub. Co., BMI
10. With the spirit of the Lord inside2:52
Composer:Mark Bishop; Possum Run Music/Centergy Music, BMI
11. Hiding like Elijah2:33
Composer:Public domain