Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 41

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 041
Release Date:1999-09-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Who thought the railroad wouldn't lastJim Lauderdale & Ralph Stanley 2:01
Composer:Jim Lauderdale; Laudersongs/Mighty Nice Music, BMI
Instruments:Ralph Stanley-bj; James Alan Shelton-g; Ralph Stanley, II-rg; Jack Cooke-sb
Vocals:Ralph Stanley-L; Jim Lauderdale-T
2. Black Diamond stringsLarry Cordle & Lonesome Standard Time 3:52
Composer:Larry E. Cordle-Larry E. Shell; Wandachord Music, etc.
Instruments:Larry Cordle-rg; Terry Eldredge-bs; David Talbot-bj; Booie Beach-lg; David Harvey-m
Vocals:Larry Cordle-L; Terry Eldredge-T; David Talbot-B
3. Leading me homeThe Sitze Family 3:24
Composer:Waes Homner; Mountain Home Therapy Music, BMI
Instruments:Chad Sitze-g; Dennijo Sitze-m; Wanda Vick-db; Andy Sitze-sb
Vocals:Chad Sitze-L; Candy Sitze-T; Dennijo Sitze-B; Denny Sitze-BS
4. Miller's reelSteve Kaufman 2:46
Composer:P.D., arr. Steve Kaufman
Instruments:Steve Kaufman-g/m/sb
5. Jimmy Martin songs for dinnerGary Brewer 2:38
Composer:Tom T. Hall-Dixie Hall; Good Home Grown Music, BMI
Instruments:Gary Brewer-g; Larry Stephenson-m; Terry Eldredge-bs; Larry Beasley-bj; Art Stamper-f; Sam Harris-perc
Vocals:Gary Brewer-L; Larry Stephenson-T; Terry Eldredge-B
6. River of tearsGrasshoppers 2:50
Composer:Honi Glenn; Grasshopper Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Glen Garrett-g; Randy Glenn-bj; Dan Tyminski-m; Honi Glenn-sb; Jeremy Garrett-f
Vocals:Honi Glenn-L; Jeremy Garrett-T; Glen Garrett-B
7. How can two walk togetherThe Cockman Family 3:14
Composer:Billy Cockman; Cockman Family Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Billy Cockman-L; Ben Cockman-m; John Cockman, Jr.-f; John Cockman, Sr.-g; David Cockman-sb
Vocals:Billy Cockman-L; Caroline Cockman-T; Ben Cockman-B; John Cockman, Jr.-BS
8. Snowflakes and diamondsThe Abeels 3:58
Composer:Charity Zerull-Jack Abeel; Abeel Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Jack Abeel-g(1st, 5th g breaks); Jim Hurst-g(2nd, 4th g breaks); Eddie Adcock-g(3rd g break); Ronnie Stewart-f; Pete Smith-db; Anne Abeel-sb
9. Unspoken thingsNew Tradition 3:13
Composer:Danny Roberts; Pisgah Ridge Music, BMI
Instruments:Danny Roberts-m; Daryl Mosely-bs; Jamie Clifton-g; Aaron McDaris-bj; Ron Stewart-f
Vocals:Danny Roberts-L; Daryl Mosely-L; Jamie Clifton-T; Aaron McDaris-B
10. The banjo never sleepsDan Knowles & His Hot Band 5:59
Composer:Dan Knowles; Dan Knowles Music, BMI
Instruments:Dan Knowles-clawhammer bj; Mark McWherter-rg; Josh Williams-lg; Chris Thile-m/f; Josh Hart-bs
11. Stay by the brookPaul Williams & the Victory Trio 2:12
Composer:Paul Humphrey; Top O'Holston Music, BMI
Instruments:Paul Williams-m; Ned Cutshaw-g; Ed Martin-rg; David Yates-f; Mike Crider-bs
Vocals:Paul Williams-L/T; Ned Cutshaw-B; Mike Crider-LT
12. Soldier's boyJohn Wright with Junior Blankenship & James Price 3:09
Composer:John Wright; John Wright Publishing, BMI
Place:Maggard Sound Studio, Big Stone Gap, Va.
Instruments:John Wright-L; Junior Blankenship-g; James Price-bs
Vocals:John Wright-L; Junior Blankenship-T
13. When I wake up (to sleep no more)Tim Surrett 2:28
Composer:Marion W. Easterling; Stamps-Baxter, BMI
Instruments:John Bowman-g; Marc Pruett-bj; David Johnson-f; Adam Steffey-m; Tim Surrett-sb
Vocals:Tim Surrett-L; Don Rigsby-T; Ben Isaacs-B; Jeff Collins-BS