Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 42

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 042
Release Date:1999-11-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Live and let liveBill & James Monroe 2:26
Composer:Wiley Walker-Gene Sullivan; Peer International, BMI
Instruments:James Monroe-g; Bill Monroe-m; Alan O'Bryant-bj; Buddy Spicher-f; Billy Linneman-sb
Vocals:James Monroe-L; Bill Monroe-T
2. Sweeter fields of cloverValerie Smith 2:58
Composer:Valerie Smith-Kraig Smith-Alan O'Bryant; Buckle Down Pub.
Instruments:Bryan Sutton-g; Stuart Duncan-f/m; Todd Cook-bs
Vocals:Valerie Smith-L; Debbie Champin-H; Kathy Chiavola-H
3. Steel guitar ragDerek Dillman 2:35
Composer:Leon McAuliffe
Instruments:Derek Dillman-bj; Doyle Lawson-g; Bobby Hicks-f; Mike Compton-m; Phil Leadbetter-db; Mark Faine-sb
4. I have a father who canThe Isaacs 3:00
Composer:James Hendrix; Zondervan Fiesta, BMI
Vocals:Sonya Isaacs Surrett-L; Lily Isaacs-LT; Becky Isaacs Bowman-B; Ben Isaacs-BS
5. MedleyThe Isaacs 5:11
Instruments:Tim Surrett-db; John Bowman-bj; Ben Isaacs-sb; Becky Isaacs Bowman-g; David Johnson-f; Adam Steffey-m
Vocals:Tim Surrett-L/B; John Bowman-L; Ben Isaacs-L; Becky Isaacs Bowman-T; Lily Isaacs-T; Sonya Isaacs Surrett-B
6. Lost sinner's prayerCumberland Highlanders 3:53
Composer:Russell Wilson; Black Mountain Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Campbell Mercer-lg; Wayne Lewis-rg; Travis Brown-bj; Jimmy Campbell-f; Billy Rose-m; Tater Tate-sb
Vocals:Russell Wilson-L; Ralph Stanley-T
7. Starting overFastest Grass Alive 2:14
Composer:Kenny Blair-Warren Blair; ASCAP
Instruments:Ken Blair-g; Dave Robertson-m; Warren Blair-f; Scott Walker-bj; Jim Green-bs
Vocals:Ken Blair-L; Dave Robertson-T; Warren Blair-B
8. No burdens pass throughJeff Tolbert 2:55
Composer:Ralph Stanley; Zap Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Kenny Smith-g; Jeff Tolbert-m; Sammy Shelor-bj; Ben Isaacs-sb
Vocals:Jeff Tolbert-L; Don Rigsby-T; Derrick Clifton-B
9. I'd rather be there (than wherever I am)Bressler Brothers 2:42
Composer:Dale Haverstick; Top O'Holston Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Bruce Bressler-g; Blake Williams-bj/sb; Jim Buchanan-f; Bobby Clark-m
Vocals:Alvin Bressler-L
10. Is you cross to heavy to bear?The Churchmen 2:44
Composer:Danny Bowers; BMI
Instruments:Steve Stone-g; David Johnson-bj; Gerald Harbour-m; Keith Clark-bs; Christian Gillikin-f; Tim Surrett-db
Vocals:Gerald Harbour-L; Freddy Rakes-T; Keith Clark-B
11. BPJoshua Bell & Edgar Meyer with Sam Bush & Mike Marshall 3:21
Composer:Edgar Meyer; Egbert Music/Bug Music, BMI
Instruments:Mike Marshall-g; Joshua Bell-f; Sam Bush-m; Edgar Meyer-sb
12. Angels on highClint Miller & the Del McCoury Band 3:37
Composer:Clint Miller-Barbara Rager; Clint Miller Pub., BMI
Instruments:Clint Miller-g; Ronnie McCoury-m; Mike Bub-sb; Jason Carter-f; Terry Eldredge-g; Jack "Cowboy" Clement-db
Vocals:Clint Miller-L; Ronnie McCoury-T; Mike Bub-B; Jason Carter-BS
13. When the bees are in the hiveBill & James Monroe 2:21
Composer:Alfred Bryan-Kerry Mills; Famous Music/Shawnee Press, ASCAP
Instruments:James Monroe-g; Bill Monroe-m; Alan O'Bryant-bj; Buddy Spicher-f; Jerry Sullivan-sb
Vocals:James Monroe-L; Bill Monroe-T
14. Oh, my starsArt Stevenson & High Water 3:53
Composer:Michael Hurley; Happy Valley Music, BMI
Instruments:Art Stevenson-g; Dale Reichert-db; Len Springer-f; Audie Blaylock-m; Stephanie Stevenson-sb
Vocals:Art Stevenson-L; Stephanie Stevenson-T
15. Cumberland Mountain homeCumberland Highlanders 2:55
Composer:Campbell Mercer; Black Mountain Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Curnie Lee Wilson-g (1st lead); Campbell Mercer-g (2nd lead); Travis Brown-bj; Jimmy Campbell-f; Tater Tate-m; Billy Rose-bs
Vocals:Campbell Mercer-L; Russell Wilson-T; Julie Mercer-HB