Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 43

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 043
Release Date:2000-01-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Bluegrass signalJohn Reischman 2:49
Composer:John Reischman; Badger Blue Music, BMI
Instruments:John Reischman-m; Jim Nunally-g; Nick Hornbuckle-bj; Gabe Witcher-f; Rob Ickes-db; Todd Phillips-sb
2. What more do you need?Cumberland Highlanders 3:28
Composer:Russell Wilson; Black Mountain Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Curnie Lee Wilson-g; Campbell Mercer-m; Tater Tate-sb; Billy Rose-bj; Jimmy Campbell-f
Vocals:Russell Wilson-LV/TC; Curnie Lee Wilson-LC; Campbell Mercer-B
3. Just another hillEaster Brothers 3:44
Composer:Russell Easter-James Easter-Edd Easter; EBEA Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Bryan Sutton-g; Sammy Shelor-bj; Aubrey Haynie-f/m; Mark Fain-sb
Vocals:Edd Easter-L/H; Russell Easter-L/H; James Easter-L/H; Rex Nelon-BS
4. Oddest sightsFred E. Smith 1:24
Vocals:Fred E. Smith-comedy
5. Still love FridayMolasses Creek 3:04
Composer:Gary Mitchell; BMI
Instruments:Gary Mitchell-g; David Tweedie-f; Louis Allen-h; Stan Brown-bj; Brent Truitt-m; Dennis Crouch-sb
Vocals:Gary Mitchell-L; David Tweedie-T; Louis Allen-B
6. It's raining in the valleyThe Tylers 2:38
Composer:Dee Ann Tyler-Kathleen L. Tyler; Tylertoons Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Peter McLaughlin-g; Bobby Anderson-bj; Billy Parker-m; Peggy Peterson-db; Evan Daine-bs
Vocals:Joe Tyler-L; Kathy Tyler-H; Dee Tyler-H
7. HeartmenderNew Road 2:40
Composer:Mona Ramsey; Eastern V, BMI
Instruments:Mark Ramsey-m; Randall Massengill-g; Stuart Wyrick-bj; Jeff Tolbert-f; Vic Graves-db; Scott Payne-bs
Vocals:Mark Ramsey-L; Randall Massengill-T; Stuart Wyrick-B
8. Wings of a white doveClint Miller & the Del McCoury Band 3:32
Composer:Clint Miller; Clint Miller Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Clint Miller-g; Terry Eldredge-g; Ronnie McCoury-m; Jason Carter-f; Mike Bub-sb
Vocals:Clint Miller-L
9. So fineThe Lewis Family 3:19
Composer:Wayne Haun-Joel Lindsey; Christian Taylor Music/Paragon Mus.
Instruments:Little Roy Lewis-bj; Lewis Phillips-bj; Bruce Watkins-g/m; Buddy Spicher-f; Travis Lewis-sb; Hargus "Pig" Robbins-p; Jim White-perc
Vocals:Little Roy Lewis-L; Miggie Lewis-H; Pop Lewis-H; Janice Phillips-S; Polly Copsey-A
10. Long, long driveThe Abeels 3:13
Composer:Charity Zerull-Jack Abeel; Abeel Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Jack Abeel-g; Anne Abeel-sb; Amanda McDaniel-rg; Eddie Adcock-bj; Ron Stewart-f; Pete Smith-db
Vocals:Charity Zerull-L; Jack Abeel-H; Anne Abeel-H; Amanda McDaniel-H
11. Hound dogFred E. Smith 0:58
Vocals:Fred E. Smith-comedy
12. The Stanley's will sing againRalph Stanley with the Cumberland Highlanders 4:42
Composer:Russell Wilson; Black Mountain Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Curnie Lee Wilson-g; Wayne Lewis-g; Travis Brown-bj; Jimmy Campbell-f; Campbell Mercer-m; Billy Rose-bs
Vocals:Russell Wilson-L; Ralph Stanley-T; Julie Ann Mercer-HB