Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 44

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 044
Release Date:2000-03-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. We can't go wrongMark Newton with Rhonda Vincent 3:42
Composer:Russell Johnson-Tim Woodall-Greg Miller; Georgia Frog Music
Instruments:Mark Newton-g; Rhonda Vincent-m; Kristin Scott-bj; Ronnie Stewart-f; Missy Raines-sb
Vocals:Mark Newton-L (1st verse/chorus); Rhonda Vincent-L (2nd verse)/TC
2. Coal tattooThe Johnny Staats Project 3:29
Composer:Billy Edd Wheeler; Quartet Music/Bexhill Music, ASCAP
Instruments:Johnny Staats-m; John Cowan-bs; Jim Hurst-g; Scott Vestal-bj; Tim O'Brien-f
Vocals:Johnny Staats-L; John Cowan-T; Kathy Mattea-H
3. Tears will never stain the streets of that cityTim Surrett 3:37
Composer:Dottie Rambo; John T. Benson Publishing, ASCAP
Instruments:David Johnson-g/f; Adam Steffey-m; Tim Surrett-sb
Vocals:Tim Surrett-L; Vince Gill-T
4. Pretty girls, city lightsRalph Stanley II 2:28
Composer:Ralph Stanley; Trio Music/Fort Knox Music, BMI
Instruments:Ralph Stanley II-rg; Ralph Stanley-bj; James Alan Shelton-lg; James Price-f; John Rigsby-m; Jack Cooke-sb
Vocals:Ralph Stanley, II-L; Ralph Stanley-T
5. Church in the wildwoodClint Miller & the Del McCoury Band 3:14
Composer:William S. Prits
Instruments:Clint Miller-g; Cheyenne Miller-g; Terry Eldredge-g; Ronnie McCoury-m; Rob McCoury-bj; Jason Carter-f; Mike Bub-sb; Cody Miller-p
Vocals:Clint Miller-L (1st verse/C); Del McCoury-L (2nd verse)/H; Cheryl White-L (3rd verse)/H; Sharon White-H
6. Cover of the Bluegrass NowLonnie Hoppers & New Union 2:32
Composer:Charlene Hoppers; Lisa Ray Music, BMI
Instruments:Bob Lovett-g; Jamie Haage-m; Lonnie Hoppers-bj; Marlon Collins-bs
Vocals:Bob Lovett-L; Jamie Haage-T; Lonnie Hoppers-B; Marlon Collins-H
7. RelianceThe Kibbey Family 2:01
Composer:Scott Kibbey; BMI
Instruments:Bill Kibbey-g; Chris Kibbey-bj; Scott Kibbey-m; Aimee Kibbey-f; Jamie Kibbey-sb
8. From out of the blueAlternate Roots 3:26
Composer:Scott Freeman
Instruments:Katy Taylor-g; Scott Freeman-m; Randy Pasley-db; Willard Gayheart-g; Tony Testerman-bs
Vocals:Katy Taylor-L; Scott Freeman-T; Randy Pasley-B
9. What a SaviorThe Rochesters 3:31
Instruments:Ben Rochester-g; David Johnson-bj/f; Adam Steffey-m; Tim Surrett-sb
Vocals:Ben Rochester-L; Joyce Rochester-T; Becky Mathews-HT; Scott Mathews-B; Harold Rochester-BS
10. Northern lightsTim Roggencamp 2:19
Composer:Tim Roggenkamp; Winter Storm Music, BMI
Instruments:Tim Roggenkamp-g/bj/sb; Eric Roggenkamp-f
Vocals:Tim Roggenkamp-L/B; Eric Roggencamp-T
11. Mandolin meltdownThe Johnny Staats Project 4:13
Composer:Johnny Staats; Sony ATV Songs, BMI
Instruments:Johnny Staats-(left)m; Sam Bush (right)m; Jim Hurst-g; John Cowan-bs
12. His healing gardenThe Tylers 3:26
Composer:Kathleen L. Tyler-Dee Ann Tyler; Tylertoons Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Peter McLaughlin-g; Bobby Anderson-bj; Billy Parker-m; Peggy Peterson-db; Evan Daine-bs
Vocals:Kathy Tyler-L (1st, 3rd verse)/H; Dee Tyler-L (2nd, 4th verse)/H; Joe Tyler-L (5th verse)/H
13. My Pennsylvania homeEast Side Dave & the Mountain Folk Band 3:03
Composer:David L. Kline; New Classic Music, BMI
Instruments:Bob Entler-m; Fred Bernardo-g; Mike Hertzog-bj; Leroy Mumma-f; Stavros Flamporis-bs
Vocals:"East Side" Dave Kline-L; Bob Entler-H
14. Come unto meClint Miller & the Del McCoury Band 2:45
Composer:Clint Miller; Clint Miller Music, BMI
Instruments:Clint Miller-g; Ronnie McCoury-m; Mike Bub-sb; Jason Carter-f; Terry Eldredge-g; Rob McCoury-bj
Vocals:Clint Miller-L; Ronnie McCoury-T; Mike Bub-B; Jason Carter-H
15. Jericho breakdownThe Kibbey Family 2:38
Composer:Christopher Kibbey; BMI
Instruments:Bill Kibbey-g; Chris Kibbey-bj; Scott Kibbey-m; Aimee Kibbey-f; Jamie Kibbey-sb