Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 46

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 046
Release Date:2000-07-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Grass loverLou Reid & Carolina 2:59
Composer:Glenn Sutton; Ensign Music Corporation, BMI
Instruments:Lou Reid-m; Gena Britt-bj; Brian Stephens-g; Ronnie Stewart-f; Jeff Deaton-bs
Vocals:Lou Reid-L; Gena Britt-T; Brian Stephens-B
2. I know how it feelsLarry Cordle & Lonesome Standard Time 3:25
Composer:Larry Cordle-Rusty Morrell; Wandachord Music, ASCAP
Instruments:Larry Cordle-rg; Terry Eldredge-bs; David Talbot-bj; Booie Beach-g; Fred Carpenter-f; Dave Harvey-m
Vocals:Larry Cordle-L; Terry Eldredge-T; David Talbot-B
3. Won't you kiss me one more timeSteve Day 3:47
Instruments:Steve Day-f; David Parmley-g; Elmer Burchett-bj
Vocals:Steve Day-L; Larry Stephenson-T; David Parmley-B
4. Miner's prayerNew Tradition 3:30
Composer:Dwight Yoakam; Coal Dust Music, BMI
Instruments:Aaron McDaris-bj; Jamie Clifton-g; Ron Stewart-f; Danny Roberts-m; Brandon Rickman-sb
Vocals:Brandon Rickman-L; Aaron McDaris-LT; Jamie Clifton-B
5. 33 yearsFrank Ray & Cedar Hill 3:49
Composer:Frank Ray; Fray Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Don Smith-g; Ferrell Stowe-db; Aubrey Haynie-f; Leisa Jones-bs
Vocals:Frank Ray-L; Leisa Jones-T; Allen Jones-B; Ferrell Stowe-BS
6. Catch me if you canThe Johnny Staats Project 4:44
Composer:Johnny Staats; ATV Songs, BMI
Instruments:Johnny Staats-m; Jim Hurst-g; Scott Vestal-bj; Jerry Douglas-db; John Cowan-bs
7. Someone newBluegrass Patriots 3:14
Composer:David Sexton; Augie Music, BMI
Instruments:Glenn Zankey-g; Ken Seaman-bj; Willie McDonald-m; Rick Bradstreet-db; Danny Rogers-bs
Vocals:Glenn Zankey-HL; Ken Seaman-LT; Willie McDonald-B
8. He's all the aboveThe Sitze Family 3:40
Composer:Aaron Sain-Kelly Shiver; Cal IV Songs/Music Genesis, ASCAP
Instruments:Chad Sitze-g; Dennijo Sitze-m; Andy Sitz-bs
Vocals:Chad Sitze-L; Dennijo Sitze-T; Andy Sitze-B
9. False hearted loveFrank Ray & Cedar Hill 3:14
Composer:Frank Ray; Fray Publishing, BMI
Instruments:Don Smith-db; Frank Ray-m; Allen Jones-bj; Aubrey Haynie-f; Ferrell Stowe-db; Leisa Jones-sb
Vocals:Frank Ray-L/T; Allen Jones-B
10. Over in the GlorylandClint Miller & the Del McCoury Band 4:15
Composer:J.W. Acuff; Singspiration Music, ASCAP
Instruments:Clint Miller-g; Cheyenne Miller-g; Jeff White-g; Rob McCoury-bj; Jason Carter-f; Ronnie McCoury-m; Mike Bub-bs; Cody Miller-p
Vocals:Clint Miller-L (1st verse); Del McCoury-L (2nd verse)/H; Sharon White-H; Cheryl White-H
11. Wires and woodThe Johnny Staats Project 3:43
Composer:John Van Meter-Tim Bays-Jon Ely-Ron Sowell; Sony-ATV, BMI
Instruments:Johnny Staats-m; John Cowan-bs; Tim O'Brien-f; Jim Hurst-g
Vocals:Johnny Staats-L; John Cowan-T; Tim O'Brien-B