Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 54

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 054
Release Date:2001-11-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Leaves that are greenAdam Steffey 2:32
Composer:Paul Simon; Paul Simon Music, BMI
2. Mama, will you call my Daddy?Doug Bartlett 3:43
Composer:Verna A. Rodes; Mastershield Pub., BMI
3. Elvis on velvet on Monroe on grassGary Brewer 3:07
Composer:Tom T. Hall-Dixie Hall; Good Home Grown Music, BMI
4. Somewhere in timeDonna Hughes 3:30
Composer:Donna Hughes; Flying Hound Publishing, BMI
5. Leaving, not grievingMike Burns 3:04
Composer:Mike Burns; North Co Music, BMI
6. Weapon of prayerNewFound Road 3:37
Composer:Ira & Charles Louvin
7. When you touched meThe Cockman Family 2:32
Composer:Caroline Cockman Fisher; Cockman Family Publishing, BMI
8. Christmas is nearThe Rarely Herd 2:04
Composer:Ralph Stanley; Ft. Knox Music/Trio Music, BMI
9. Loving youAmy Gallatin & Stillwaters 2:46
Composer:High Moffatt; Atlantic Music/Gray Mouser Music, BMI
10. Talking to the mountainNone of the Above 2:21
Composer:Tim Sands; Mastershield Pub., BMI
11. Summer's goneThe Steep Canyon Rangers 3:02
Composer:Graham Sharp; Enchanted Born Productions, ASCAP
12. When you and I were young MaggiePaul Hopkins 3:29
Composer:J.A. Butterfield-George W. Johnson
13. Rambler's anthemYonder Mountain String Band 2:53
Composer:Ben Kaufmann; Frog Pad Records, ASCAP
14. Bill Monroe Foundation PSA0:56