Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 73

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 073
Release Date:2005-01-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. 1-800-DO-U-CARELarry Sparks 2:33
Recording Date:2004
Composer:Marshal Warwick; Yankee Clipper Music, BMI
Place:Tom T. & Dixie Hall's Studio, Franklin, TN
Instruments:Larry Sparks-g; Scott Napier-m; Randy Kohrs-db; Larry D. Sparks-bs
Vocals:L. Sparks-L; Rhonda Vincent-T/L; Sonya Isaacs- HB; Ben Isaacs- BS
2. I beg you little darlin' not to cryDarrell Webb 3:01
Composer:Mike Evans-Mark Brinkman; Brinksongs, BMI
3. Kentucky sweetheartJames Monroe 2:06
Composer:Carl Jackson-Tony King; Universal Music/Old Man Kelsey' Tune
4. I'll meet you in Heaven somedayJeff Parker 2:36
Composer:Tim Stafford; Daniel House Music, BMI
5. The only wind that blowsLiz Meyer with Emmylou Harris 3:05
Composer:Liz Meyer; Lizzy Greenfield Music, BMI
6. Pretty little weather girlMike McCollum 2:45
Composer:Mike McCollum; Mitchikambo Music, BMI
7. Don't let me call herMitch Harrell 3:22
Composer:Mitch Harrell; SoLong Records, BMI
8. Red DiamondvilleBrothers Barton (California) 3:44
Composer:Paul Barton; Krazy Vaders Music, ASCAP
9. Gospel ploughThe Abrams Brothers 3:00
Composer:Traditional; BMI
10. In the shade of the big buffaloDavid Davis & the Warrior River Boys 4:09
Composer:Bill Grant; BiDel Music, BMI
11. Hard row to hoeTommy Webb 3:49
Composer:James A. Rushing; Universal Music, ASCAP
12. Smoke along the trackChrystal Sawyer 3:32
Composer:Alan Rose; SureFire Music Co., BMI
13. Just inside the gateJordan River 2:47
Composer:Eugene Whitt; Bridge Building Music, BMI
14. One good songClay County 3:24
Composer:Susan Nikas; BMI
15. I'm just a workin' foolMike McCollum 2:46
Composer:Mike McCollum; Mitchikambo Music, BMI