Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 75

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 075
Release Date:2005-05-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Always never enoughKenny & Amanda Smith Band 3:02
Composer:Tom Stafford-Steve Gulley; Daniel House Music, BMI
2. Ode to the simple manThe Chapmans 3:31
Composer:Kim Fox; Dennis Morgan Music, BMI
3. Stars and stripes foreverRay Hesson 2:30
Composer:J.P. Sousa; P.D.
4. Get gone bluesThe Williams & Clark Expedition 2:26
Composer:Blake Williams; Saphronicat Music, BMI
5. TimeLou Reid & Carolina 3:20
Composer:John Cadley; John Cadley Music, BMI
6. More than I can bearContinental Divide 2:53
Composer:Robert J. Gateley; Berwick Trail Music, BMI
7. Are you missing meJesse McReynolds & Charles Whitstein 3:06
Composer:Ira Louvin-Charlie Louvin; ATV Acuff Rose Music, BMI
8. Nowhere manThe Misty Valley Boys 2:57
Composer:John Lennon-Paul McCartney; Sony-ATV Tunes/Beatles, BMI
9. Ginny's songMike Jones 4:23
Composer:Mike Jones-Emily McAlester; Mike Jones Publishing, BMI
10. Can you hearJoe Dean 2:49
Composer:Bo Jameson; Dark Moon Music, BMI
11. Your hand came downLare Williams 2:44
Composer:Jeffrey Schuhmacher
12. When fall comes aroundBolt Brothers Band 2:45
Composer:Dan Bolt; Bolt Mill Music, BMI
13. Grandma's songsThe Boohers 2:35
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall; Good Home Grown Music, BMI
14. Greenville TrestleAll4Hym 3:20
Composer:James Henry Jett; BMI
15. Two hands on the wheelCasey & Chris & the Two-Stringers 2:38
Composer:James Henry Jett; BMI
16. River of Music Party PSA1:00