Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 87

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 087
Release Date:2007-05-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Way it always seems to goJim VanCleve 3:07
Composer:Jim VanCleve-Jon Weisberger; Jim VanCleve Music, BMI
2. Lovin' pretty womenThe Steep Canyon Rangers 4:05
Composer:Graham Sharp; Enchanted Barn Publishing, ASCAP
3. Garden in my lifeHarmons 3:22
Composer:Harley Allen; Ten Ten Publishing
4. Dixie flyerGrasstowne 3:14
Composer:Susan R. Longaker-James G. Photoglou-Howard R. Smith
5. This heart of minePat Flynn 3:04
Composer:Steven F. Brines-Jim Smoak; Barren County Music, BMI
6. Doin' his jobDappled Grays 4:18
Composer:Malcomb Holcombe-Steven N. Heller; Universal Music, ASCAP
7. Nonie's breakdownRobert Feathers 4:26
Composer:Robert Feathers
8. Run little foxLorraine Jordan & Carolina Road 2:35
Composer:Glenn Taylor-Vivian Taylor
9. Taken all my blues awayShiloh Ridge 3:23
Composer:Larry Bloom; Shiloh Ridge Music
10. Cheating game of the bluesAlex Hibbitts 2:35
Composer:Alex Hibbitts-Randall Hibbitts; Alex Hibbitts Publ., BMI
11. The legend of Baby DoePalmer Divide 2:23
Composer:Mickey Stinnett; Gypsy Heart Music, ASCAP
12. In God's handsThe Moron Brothers 3:13
Composer:Michael T. Carr; BO-AN Publishing, BMI
13. Back to Hancock CountyHighland Grass 3:04
Composer:Pete Goble-Leroy Drumm; Brandykeg Publishing Co., BMI
14. Country morningSteve Stern & the New Anthem Band 2:57
Composer:Steve Stern; New Anthem Music, BMI
15. I'll tell it wherever I goCanaan's Crossing 3:14
Composer:Bruce Thonhill; Grape Arbor Music, BMI