Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 90

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 090
Release Date:2007-11-15
Country:United States ID: 10602370

Song Information:

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1. The train's readyBalsam Range 2:20
Composer:Marc Pruett-Anita Pruett; Asheville Music Publisher, BMI
2. The hangmanErnie Thacker & Route 23 4:13
Composer:Dave Thacker; First Born Publishing, BMI
3. Down on the Crooked RoadDixie Bee-Liners 2:47
Composer:Brandi Hart-Bil VornDick-Buddy Woodward; Rattlesnake Ridge
4. Ridin' out the stormTim Hensley 4:01
Composer:Rodney Crowell; Sony/ATV Milene Music J Only Pub., ASCAP
5. It's all behind me nowTommy Webb 3:08
Composer:Tommy Webb; BMI
6. Watching over the soldiers at Christmas3 Fox Drive 3:35
Composer:Kim Fox-Dennis Morgan; Little Shop of Morgansongs, BMI
7. Ramblin' lettersThe Adrians 2:45
Composer:Carter Stanley; Trio Music/Fort Knox Music, BMI
8. Gravel SpringsCumberland Gap Connection 3:26
Composer:Ken Wilson-Bill Wilson; Gulley's Curve Music, BMI
9. Red dirt on my shoesPalmer Divide 4:00
Composer:Jody Adams; Gypsy Heart Music, ASCAP
10. I want to grow old with youDonna Ulisse 3:26
Composer:Donna Ulisse-Claire Davidson; Uncle Hadley Music/Oven Music
11. The Christmas train is comingTommy Edwards 2:52
Composer:Tommy Edwards; Hidden Gem Publishing, BMI
12. Detroit city chillErnie Thacker & Route 23 2:54
Composer:Dave Carroll; First Born Publishing, BMI
13. Black collar workerMarci Salyer 3:46
Composer:Marci Salyer-Bill Warrington-Allan Frank; Marci Salyer Music
14. Love the rainThe Slack Family Bluegrass Band 2:23
Composer:Joe Wharff; BMI
15. I am the vineAll4Hym 4:43
Composer:Terri L. Krietzer; Chacor Music, BMI