Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 91

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 091
Release Date:2008-01-15
Country:United States ID: 10598171

Song Information:

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1. Press on o' pilgrimLarry Stephenson 2:06
Composer:P.D., arr. Larry Stephenson; Lee-Dawn Publishing, BMI
2. Cabin down belowThe Gibson Brothers (New York) 2:56
Composer:Tom Petty; Gone Gator, ASCAP
3. He ain't thatDonna Ulisse 2:59
Composer:Donna Ulisse; Uncle Hadley Music, ASCAP
4. King of BabylonPat Flynn 4:17
Composer:Tim May-Pat Flynn; Mea Culpa Music, ASCAP
5. Ridin' my thumb to MexicoBill Emerson & the Sweet Dixie Band 3:02
Composer:Johnny Rodriguez; Sony/ATV Acuff-Rose Music, BMI
6. Old house & momma's picturesMike Havens & Blue Mountain Grass 3:46
Composer:Mike Havens; Mize Valley Publishing, BMI
7. Just like youBluegrass Brothers 4:00
Composer:Pete Wernick; Niwot Music, ASCAP
8. The bluegrass fanCol. Hugh X. Lewis 1:57
Composer:Hugh X. Lewis; Hugh X. Lewis Music, BMI
9. The CarolinianChatham County Line 4:02
Composer:Dave Wilson; BMI
10. BlackbirdHeather Ferris 2:27
Composer:Heather Ferris; SOCAN, ASCAP
11. Oklahoma daydreamsPalmer Divide 3:44
Composer:Jody Adams; Gypsy Heart Music, ASCAP
12. Don't you want to goCrossPoint String Band 2:23
Composer:Gary Duty; Dound Doctrine
13. Bluegrass up in HeavenSouthern Skye 3:21
Composer:Mary Jenkins; MasterShield Publishing, BMI
14. Is this a dreamEvergreen 3:35
Composer:Bryant Woods