Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 92

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 092
Release Date:2008-03-15
Country:United States ID: 10515414

Song Information:

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1. Dear MomWayne Taylor 2:49
Composer:Wayne Taylor; Raincoe Music, BMI
Instruments:Wayne Taylor-g; Wyatt Rice-g; Bill Emerson-bj; Jimmy Gaudreau-m; Rickie Simpkins-f; Mike Auldridge-db; Mick Nicholson-bs
Vocals:W. Taylor-L; Dan Tyminski-H
2. Field of stoneMichelle Cupit 3:38
Composer:Jerry Cupit; Cupit Music, BMI
Instruments:James Bryan Sutton-g; Terry Smith-tbj; Hoot Hester-f/m; Pat Severs-db; David Smith-bs
Vocals:Michelle Cupit-L; T. Smith-B
3. Lonesome weary heartAudie Blaylock & Redline 2:33
Composer:Frank Wakefield; Ownself Music, BMI
Instruments:Audie Blaylock-bj-g; Evan Ward-bj; Rodney Worley-m; Patrick McAvinue-f; Matthew Wallace-bs
Vocals:A. Blaylock-V; R. Worley-V
4. Blue MountainBalsam Range 4:49
Composer:Connie Harrington; Lehsem Music, ASCAP
Instruments:Caleb Smith-g; Darren Nicholson-m; Tim Surrett-db/sb
Vocals:Buddy Melton-L; D. Nicholson-T; T. Surrett-B
5. They're holding up the ladderJeff & Sheri Easter 2:23
Composer:Russell Easter-James Easter-Edd Easter; EBEA Pub., BMI
Instruments:Cody Kilby-g; Lewis Phillips-bj; Aubrey Haynie-f; Dennis Crouch-bs
Vocals:Russell Easter-L (1st); Polly Lewis Copsey-L (2nd); Jeff Easter-L (3rd); Little Roy Lewis-B; James Easter-H
6. Poverty RowCedar Hill (Arkansas-Missouri) 3:52
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall; Good Home Grown Music, BMI
Instruments:Joe Wieneman-g; Kenny Cantrell-bj; Frank Ray-m; Lisa Ray-f; Rob Collins-bs
Vocals:L. Ray-L; R. Collins-T; F. Ray-B
7. Mile high dreamin'Palmer Divide 2:49
Composer:Jody Adams; Gypsy Heart Music, ASCAP
Instruments:Greg Reed-g; Mickey Stinnett-bj/db; Jody Adams-m/f; Dick Carlson-bs
Vocals:J. Adams-L; G. Reed-T; M. Stinnett-B
8. The whine of the whistle and the roar of the trainMarci Salyer 4:06
Composer:Marci Salyer-Bill Warrington-Gordon Ellis
Instruments:Andy Reiss-g; Richard Bailey-bj; Bobby Clark-m; Deanie Richardson-f; Ferrell Stowe-db; Mike Dunbar-bs
Vocals:Marci Salyer-L; Kathy Chiavola-T; Billy Davis-B
9. All of thisMike Bentley 3:41
Composer:Dale McKinney; BMI
Instruments:Ron Stewart-g/bj/m/f/bs
Vocals:Mike Bentley-L; Steve Gulley-H
10. With love from NormandySharon Graeff & Heritage 4:04
Composer:Mark "Brink" Brinkman; Mark Brinkman Songs, BMI
Instruments:Eric Uglin-g; Austin Ward-bs
Vocals:Sharon Graeff-L; E. Uglin-T; Ken Orrick-B
11. Welcome aboardRunaway Freight 2:54
Composer:Tom T. Hall-Dixie Hall; Good Home Grown Music, BMI
Instruments:Matt Ford-g; Chris Smith-bj; Justin Ford-db; Samuel Lewis Morgan-bs
Vocals:C. Smith-L; M. Ford-T; J. Ford-B; S. Morgan-backing V
12. End of the rowCrossPoint String Band 4:49
Composer:Glenn Kosiorek
Instruments:Rick Vella-g/db; Shelley Kosiorek-m; Glen Kosiorek-md; Sarah Vella-f; Amanda Kosiorek-bs
Vocals:G. Kosiorek-L; A. Kosiorek-H; S. Vella-H