Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 94

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 094
Release Date:2008-07-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Randall CollinsKenny & Amanda Smith Band 2:43
Composer:Norman Blake; Nannor Music, BMI
2. I miss the sound of rainThe Davidson Brothers 4:12
Composer:Hamish Daividson-Lacklan Davidson; Control/APRA, ASCAP
3. Sad winds sighThe Grascals 3:29
Composer:Aubrey Holt; Tulipland Publishing, BMI
4. Red dog in the morningTim O'Brien 2:39
Composer:Tim O'Brien; Cornbread Nation/Bluewater Music, ASCAP
5. Leaving Baker CountyJunior Sisk & Rambler's Choice 2:44
Composer:Tom T. Hall-Dixie Hall; Good Home Grown Music, BMI
6. Echoes of loveBeth Stevens 4:14
Composer:Tim Krekel-Richey Kimberly Kay; Mighty Nice Music, BMI
7. Smiling facesLorraine Jordan & Carolina Road 3:08
Composer:Lorraine Jordan; Junipher Hill Music, BMI
8. Two lane highwayMichelle Cupit 2:19
Composer:Jerry Cupit-John Cupit; Cupit Music, BMI
9. If you don't let goPalmer Divide 2:27
Composer:Jody Adams; Gypsy Heart Music, ASCAP
10. A better wayHagar's Mountain Boys 3:33
Composer:Cliff Waddell; HMB Music
11. Wherever you areThe Franz Family 4:54
Composer:Joel Lindsey-Harrie McCullough-Joyce Martin; Paragon Music
12. Election yearDennis Coats 2:41
Composer:Dennis Coats; Five String Music, BMI
13. The old white flagTriumphant Quartet 3:00
Composer:Dianne Wilkinson; Christian Taylor Music, BMI
14. Go getterBobby Maynard 2:25
Composer:Bobby Maynard; MayChild Music Publishing, BMI
15. Please play the jukeboxLouie Setzer & the Appalachian Mountain Boys 4:03
Composer:Jimmy Martin-Vernon Derrick; Power Play Music, BMI