The Crooked Road : a treasury of American music

Various artists

Label:No label TCR 001
Release Date:2011
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2011-11
County Sales:#316

Song Information:

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A-2. Pinnacle MountainGlen & Frances Gardner 2:16
A-3. All God's children gonna take a rideGood Shepherd Quartet 1:50
A-7. Love me darling just tonightShawn Lane 2:33
A-8. Buckdancer's choiceWayne Henderson 1:46
A-11. When I am welcomed insideVirginia Cross Ties 2:43
A-12. Between the rowsBlue Highway 3:55
A-13. Billy in the lowgroundBuddy Pendleton 3:01
A-16. You don't have far to goBig Country Bluegrass 2:58
A-17. Coal townSusan Brown & Friends 3:58
A-19. Grandma's gateSandy Shortridge 4:24
A-20. Will you be loving another manThe Cana Ramblers 2:29
A-21. Dori's waltzScott Freeman 3:17
A-23. The wolf is at the doorJunior Sisk & Rambler's Choice 3:05
A-24. Lonesome scene of winterSammy Shelor 2:14
A-25. Fishers hornpipeThe Wright Kids 2:27
B-1. What kind of manRalph Stanley 2:54
B-6. I've done it allBluegrass Kinsmen 2:55
B-8. No longer a sweetheartThe Lost & Found 2:31
B-13. Work songDori Freeman 3:03
B-14. One step moreNew Harvest Boys 2:50
B-17. Wrong road againAnderson & Strickland 2:33
B-18. Up in the airBrandon Davis 3:23
B-19. Thirty inch coalRich & the Po' Folk 2:59
B-21. My God has not failed me yetArdetta & Tommy 2:11
B-24. Any ole timeLonesome River Band 2:44