Life goes on : Musicians Against Childhood Cancer

Various artists

Label:Rural Rhythm RHY 1094
Release Date:2012-03-26
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2012-09
County Sales:#317 ID: 4171110
   Amazon ASIN: B00701QY4I

Song Information:

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A-1. Goodbye to the bluesThe Johnson Mountain Boys 3:13
Composer:Marshall Wilborn; Flying Pig Music, BMI
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Dudley Connell-g; Tom Adams-g; David McLaughlin-m; Jessie Baker-bj; Jesse Brock-sb; Michael Cleveland-f
Vocals:D. Connell-L; T. Adams-H; D. McLaughlin-H
A-2. Beyond the sunsetDoyle Lawson 2:02
Composer:Doyle Lawson; Top O Holson, BMI
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Vocals:Doyle Lawson-V; Russell Moore-V; Jamie Dailey-V; Josh Swift-V
A-3. Ragged manThe Gibson Brothers (New York) 3:17
Composer:Eric Ian Gibson-Leigh Joseph Gibson; Brown Bird Songs, BMI
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Eric Gibson-bj; Leigh Gibson-g; Joe Walsh-m; Mike Barber-bs; Clayton Campbell-f
Vocals:E. Gibson-L; L. Gibson-H
A-4. I got a womanPine Mountain Railroad 3:26
Composer:Ray Charles-Renald J. Richard; MIJAC Music/Unichappell Music
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Jerry Cole-g; Cody Shuler-m; Dale Thomas-bj; Bill McBee-bs; Matt Flake-f
Vocals:J. Cole-L
A-5. Please come to BostonNewFound Road 4:45
Composer:David Allen Loggins; Universal Music Corporation, BMI
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Tim Shelton-g; Josh Miller-g; Joe Booher-m; Jamie Booher-bs; Justin Moses-dobro
Vocals:T. Shelton-L
A-6. Six feet under the groundMichael Cleveland & Flamekeeper 2:25
Composer:Bill Monroe; BMG Chrysalis, BMI
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Jeff White-g; Jesse Brock-m; Marshall Wilborn-bs; Jesse Baker-bj; Michael Cleveland-f
Vocals:J. White-L; Jesse Brock-H; M. Wilborn-H
A-7. In the time that you gave meShawn Camp 3:02
Composer:Shawn Camp-Dennis Morgan; Big Yellow Dog/Little Shop of Morg
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Shawn Camp-g; Chris Henry-m; Charlie Cushman-bj; Mike Bub-sb; Aubrey Haynie-f
Vocals:S. Camp-L
A-8. Goin' across the seaJ. D. Crowe & the New South 2:53
Composer:Public Domain
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Dwight McCall-m; Rickey Wasson-g; Matt DeSpain-db; J. D. Crowe-bj; Kyle Perkins-bs
Vocals:D. McCall-L; R. Wasson-H; M. DeSpain-H
A-9. Highway of sorrowJunior Sisk 5:06
Composer:Bill Monroe-Pete Pyle; BMG Chrysalis/Warner-Chappell Music
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Bryan Sutton-g; Alan Bibey-m; Aaron McDaris-bj; Brandon Rickman-bs; Aubrey Haynie-f; Randy Kohrs-db
Vocals:Junior Sisk-L; Larry Stephenson-T
A-10. FrauleinThe Lost & Found 3:42
Composer:Lawton Williams; EMI Unart Catalog, BMI
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Allen Mills-bs; Scottie Sparks-g; Scott Napier-m; Ronald Smith-bj; Michael Cleveland-f
Vocals:A. Mills-L
A-11. Rain and snowBrandon Rickman 5:37
Composer:Public Domain; arr. By Brandon Rickman-Jenee Fleenor
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Brandon Rickman-g; Andy Ball-m; Sammy Shelor-bj; Mike Anglin-bs; Mike Hartgrove-f
Vocals:B. Rickman-L; A. Ball-H
A-12. RevelationBradley Walker 3:31
Composer:Bobby Braddock; Sony/ATV Tree Publishing, BMI
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Clay Hess-g
Vocals:Bradley Walker-L
A-13. Panhandle countryClay Hess 1:58
Composer:Bill Monroe; BMG Chrysalis/Warner-Chappell Music, BMI
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Mark Newton-g; Clay Hess-g; Andy Ball-m; John Wheat-bj; Beth Lawrence-bs; Steve Thomas-f
Vocals:M. Newton-L; C. Hess-H; A. Ball-H
A-14. Across the Great DivideThe Josh Williams Band 4:00
Composer:Kate Allen Wolf; Bug Music/Another Sundown Pub., BMI
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Josh Williams-g; Chase Johner-m; Jason McKendree-bj; Randy Barnes-bs
Vocals:J. Williams-L
A-15. Forty years agoDavid Parmley & Continental Divide 2:15
Composer:Elmer Burchett-Marie Denney-Clyde Denney; Happy Valley Music
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:David Parmley-g; Randy Graham-m; Steve Day-f; Ronald Mosely-bj; Mike Parker-bs
Vocals:D. Parmley-L; R. Graham-H; S. Day-H
A-16. The water is wideRhonda Vincent & the Rage 4:06
Composer:Public Domain
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Rhonda Vincent-g; Mickey Harris-m; Hunter Berry-f
Vocals:R. Vincent-L
A-17. Hard timesThe Grascals 3:38
Composer:Allen Aaron Crenwelge; Sure Fire Music Co., BMI
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Jamie Johnson-g; Terry Eldredge-g; Terry Smith-bs; Kristin Scott Benson-bj; Jeremy Abshire-f
Vocals:J. Johnson-L; T. Eldredge-H; T. Smith-H
A-18. Paul's ministryPaul Williams 3:51
Composer:Public Domain
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Paul Williams-m; Doyle Lawson-g; J. D. Crowe-bj; Carl White-bs; Jason Barie-f; Mike Rogers-d
Vocals:P. Williams-L
A-19. Struttin' to FerrumLonesome River Band 2:30
Composer:Public Domain; arr. By Gene Parker
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Sammy Shelor-bj; Brandon Rickman-g; Andy Ball-m; Mike Anglin-bs; Mike Hartgrove-f
A-20. Blue side of the mountainThe Steeldrivers 4:08
Composer:Chris Stapleton-Michael James Henderson; Irving Music, BMI
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Gary Nichols-g; Mike Fleming-bs; Tammy Rogers-f; Richard Bailey-bj; Mike Henderson-metal body db
Vocals:G. Nichols-L; M. Fleming-H; T. Rogers-H
B-1. ManzanitaTony Rice 6:35
Composer:Anthony D. Rice; Dawg Music, BMI
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Tony Rice-g; Josh Williams-m; Aaron Ramsey-bs; Aubrey Haynie-f; Rob Ickes-db
B-2. Rollin' and tumblin'Dudley Connell 3:42
Composer:Muddy Waters; Watertoons/Bug Music, BMI
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Dudley Connell-g; Randy Barnes-bs; Randy Kohrs-db
Vocals:D. Connell-L
B-3. Precious memoriesDoyle Lawson & Quicksilver 5:45
Composer:Leroy Van Dyke; Shelby Singleton Music, BMI
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Mike Rogers-g; Doyle Lawson-m; Corey Hensley-sb; Jason Barie-f; Josh Swift-db; Carl White-d; Centerville Alternative Strings
Vocals:M. Rogers-L; D. Lawson-H; C. Hensley-H
B-4. Little John I amRussell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out 3:13
Composer:Russell A. Moore; T & S Trust Pub., BMI
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Russell Moore-g; Steve Dilling-bj; Edgar Loudermilk-bs; Wayne Benson-m; Justen Haynes-f
Vocals:R. Moore-L; S. Dilling-H; E. Loudermilk-H
B-5. Tennessee whiskeyChris Stapleton, Morgane Hayes, Bradley Walker 3:14
Composer:Linda Ann Hargrove-Dean Rutherford; Universal Songs of Polyg
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Chris Stapleton-g
Vocals:C. Stapleton-L; Morgane Hayes-H; Bradley Walker-H
B-6. SmashvilleSierra Hull & Highway 111 4:07
Composer:Jim VanCleve; VanCleve Music, BMI
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Clay Hess-g; Sierra Hull-m; Justin Moses-bj; Jacob Elder-bs; Christian Ward-f
B-7. Give my love to RoseSally & Dudley Connell 3:48
Composer:Johnny Cash; House of Cash, BMI
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Sally Connell-g; Dudley Connell-g; Adam Steffey-m; Marshall Wilborn-sb; Ron Stewart-f
Vocals:Sally Connell-L; D. Connell-H
B-8. Where the soul never diesDon Rigsby & Josh Williams 2:15
Composer:William Bolick; Berwick Music Corp., BMI
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Josh Williams-g; Don Rigsby-m
Vocals:J. Williams-V; D. Rigsby-V
B-9. Nothing but a whippoorwillBlue Highway 5:36
Composer:Tim Stafford-Steve Gulley; Daniel House Music/Mountain Heart
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Wayne Taylor-bs; Shawn Lane-m; Tim Stafford-g; Jason Burleson-bj; Rob Ickes-db
Vocals:W. Taylor-L; S. Lane-H
B-10. The water so coldMarty Raybon & Full Circle 2:50
Composer:Harlan Howard; Sony/ATV Tree Publishing, BMI
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Marty Raybon-g; Daniel Grindstaff-bj; Jade Raines-bs; Booie Beach-g; Chris Davis-m; Glen Gibson-db
Vocals:M. Raybon-L; D. Grindstaff-H; J. Raines-H
B-11. The turkey buzzardJoe Mullins & Aubry Haynie 1:38
Composer:Public Domain
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Joe Mullins-bj; Aubrey Haynie-f
B-12. He died a rounder at 21Junior Sisk 2:19
Composer:Jimmy Skinner; Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music, BMI
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Junior Sisk-g; Josh Williams-lg; Randy Kohrs-db
Vocals:J. Sisk-L
B-13. The likes of meThe Randy Kohrs Band 3:39
Composer:Jerry Reed; Sixteen Stars Music, BMI
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Randy Kohrs-db; Josh Williams-g; Ashley Kohrs-f; Mike Sumner-bj; Elio Giordano-bs; Chris Wood-d
Vocals:R. Kohrs-L; J. Williams-H; A. Kohrs-H
B-14. Shouting time in HeavenKenny & Amanda Smith 2:30
Composer:Luther Presley; Bridge Building Music, BMI
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Amanda Smith-g; Kenny Smith-lg; Aaron Williams-m; Zack McLamb-bs; Randy Kohrs-db
Vocals:A. Smith-L; K. Smith-H; Rhonda Vincent-H
B-15. At the end of a lonely lonesome dayDanny Paisley & the Southern Grass 2:43
Composer:Marty Robbins; Sony Acuff Rose, BMI
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Danny Paisley-g; Travers Chandler-m; Bobby Lundy-bj; Michael Paisley-bs; Billy Hawk-f
Vocals:D. Paisley-L; T. Chandler-H
B-16. Memories of motherJames King 3:22
Composer:Ralph Stanley; ZAP Publishing Co., BMI
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Dudley Connell-g; Adam Steffey-m; Marshall Wilborn-sb; Ron Stewart-f
Vocals:James King-L; D. Connell-H; Russell Moore-H
B-17. I should have calledLarry Stephenson Band 3:04
Composer:Eddy Raven; Sony/ATV Milene Music, BMI
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Larry Stephenson-m; Ben Helson-g; Jason Barie-f; Kristin Scott Benson-bj; Kyle Perkins-bs
Vocals:L. Stephenson-L; B. Helson-H; J. Barie-H
B-18. Old violinLarry Cordle & Michael Cleveland 3:43
Composer:Johnny Paycheck; Hilstan Music, BMI
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Larry Cordle-g; Michael Cleveland-f
Vocals:L. Cordle-L
B-19. Life goes onJerry Salley 5:44
Composer:Dale Pyatt-Steve Thomas; ChickenGrease Pub., BMI
Place:Columbus, Oh.
Instruments:Carl Jackson-g; Randy Kohrs-db; Clay Hess-g; Alan Bibey-m; Jay Weaver-bs; Ron Stewart-f; Jim VanCleve-f
Vocals:C. Jackson-L/H; Ronnie Bowman-L/H; Larry Cordle-L/H; Jerry Salley-L/H; Ricky Wasson-L/H; Randy Kohrs-L/H; D.A. Adkins-H; Garnet Bowman-H; Lynn Butler-H; Ashley Kohrs-H; Gary Payne-H; Dale "Chicken Grease" Pyatt-H