Fifty folk favorites / Nashville guests

Various artists

Label:Somerset SF-G 50-1
Release Date:196-?
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Rock Island LineThe Undergrads
A-2. Buffalo galBuzz Wilson
A-3. On top of Old SmokeyDon Bailey
A-4. Corina, CorinaRusty Adams
A-5. In the pinesJerry Shook
B-1. El PasoBuzz Wilson
B-2. Red River ValleyBuzz Wilson
B-3. Frankie and JohnnyRusty Adams
B-4. Blue tail flyRusty Adams
B-5. Streets of LaredoBuzz Wilson
C-1. La NegraMariachis del Mexico
C-2. Cielito LindoMariachis del Mexico
C-3. MentirasMariachis del Mexico
C-4. La NortenaMariachis del Mexico
C-5. Tus besosMariachis del Mexico
C-6. La raspaMariachis del Mexico
D-1. Everytime I feel the spiritHappy Gospelaires
D-2. Somebody touched meHappy Gospelaires
D-3. Swing low sweet chariotHappy Gospelaires
D-4. Couldn't hear nobody prayHappy Gospelaires
D-5. Didn't it rain?Happy Gospelaires
E-1. ShenandoahWanderin' Five
E-2. Mary, MaryWanderin' Five
E-3. Tree in the valleyWanderin' Five
E-4. Blue grass JoeWanderin' Five
E-5. O' that girlWanderin' Five
E-6. John HenryWanderin' Five
F-1. I'm a roverWanderin' Five
F-2. Wreck of the '97Wanderin' Five
F-3. Go tell it on the mountainWanderin' Five
F-4. Raggle taggle gypsiesWanderin' Five
F-5. Flop eared muleWanderin' Five
F-6. Have you seen my dear companionWanderin' Five
G-1. Fire on the mountainHomer & the Barnstormers
G-2. Stay all nightHomer & the Barnstormers
G-3. Arkansas travellerHomer & the Barnstormers
G-4. Careless loveHomer & the Barnstormers
G-5. Grandfather's clockHomer & the Barnstormers
H-1. Cumberland GapHomer & the Barnstormers
H-2. Goin' up Cripple CreekHomer & the Barnstormers
H-3. Ole' Joe ClarkHomer & the Barnstormers
H-4. Camptown racesHomer & the Barnstormers
H-5. Ole' Dan TuckerHomer & the Barnstormers
H-6. Blue grass blossomHomer & the Barnstormers
I-1. I'll not marry at allAppalachians
I-2. Rovin' gamblerAppalachians
I-3. The Riddle songAppalachians
I-4. Mary don't you weepAppalachians
I-5. Who's gonna be your manAppalachians
I-6. CindyAppalachians
J-1. Old greenback dollarAppalachians
J-2. Midnight SpecialAppalachians
J-3. Black eyed SusieAppalachians
J-4. Turtle doveAppalachians
J-5. Lonesome ValleyAppalachians