Pickin' like a girl

Daughters of Bluegrass

Label:Blue Circle BCR 036
Release Date:2013-01-31
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2014-04
County Sales:#323
   Discogs.com ID: 13676457
   Amazon ASIN: B00BV9JB2M

Song Information:

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A-1. Pickin' like a girl3:06
Composer:Dixie Hall; BMI
Instruments:Lizzy Long-Scruggs-style g; Mindy Rakestraw-rg; Frances Mooney-bs; Tina Adair-m; Haley Stiltner-bj; Deanie Richardson-f
Vocals:Dale Ann Bradley-L; Janet McGarry-L; Lorraine Jordan-L; Jeanette Williams-L; Dixie Hall-L; Lizzy Long-L; Mindy Rakestraw-L/H; Frances Mooney-L; Tina Adair-L/H; Pam Gadd-L; Debbie Gulley-H; Rebekah Long-H
A-2. Hound dog blues4:20
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall; BMI
Place:Lewie Toones, Berkeley, CA
Instruments:Laurie Lewis-sb; Kathy Kallick-rg; Annie Staninec-f; Kristin Scott Benson-bj; Sharon Gilchrist-m
Vocals:Laurie Lewis-L; Kathy Kallick-H
A-3. Somewhere in Kentucky tonight4:37
Composer:Tom T. Hall-Dixie Hall; BMI
Instruments:Gail Rudisill-Johnson-f; Rebekah Long-rg; Tina Adair-m; Lisa Horngren-m/bs
Vocals:Donna Ullisse-L; Pam Tillis-High H; Faysoux Starling McLean-Low H
A-4. Creecy greens3:05
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall; BMI
Instruments:Jaelee Roberts-f; Frannie DiGiovanni-rg/lg/f; Cara DiGiovanni-f/m; Andrea Roberts-bs; Deanie Richardson-f; Pam Gadd-clawhammer bj
Vocals:Jaelee Roberts-L(1st)/H; Sarah Rigsby-L(2nd); Frannie DiGiovanni-L(3rd)/Low H; Cara DiGiovanni-L(4th); Elizabeth "Lizzie" Engle-L(5th)
A-5. The meanest lady cop2:36
Composer:Tom T. Hall-Dixie Hall; BMI
Instruments:Dale Bradley-lg/rg; Courtney Rorrer-f; Gena Britt-bj; Sierra Hull-m
Vocals:Dale Ann Bradley-L/LH; Debbie Gulley-HH
A-6. Men3:46
Composer:Dixie Hall, BMI
Instruments:Tina Adair-m; Deanie Richardson-f; Donlea Christensen-bj; Rebecca Frazier-rg; Missy Raines-sb
Vocals:Michelle Nixon-L; Lizzy Long-L; Rebekah Long-L; Susanne Mumpower Johnson-L; Janet McGarry-L; Stacy York Isaacs-HH; Frances Mooney-LH; Heather Berry-Mabe-speaking; Dixie Hall-speaking; Tina Adair-speaking; Janet McGarry-speaking
A-7. Mama remember4:07
Composer:Dixie Hall, BMI
Instruments:Lisa Horngren-rg
Vocals:Becky Schlegel-L/HH; Jeanette Williams-LH
A-8. I'm gonna try3:04
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall; BMI
Instruments:Frances Mooney-sb; Tina Adair-m; Becky Buller-f; Donica Christensen-bj; Martha Hearon Adcock-rg; Rebecca Frazier-lg/rg
Vocals:Frances Mooney-L; Stacy York Isaacs-HH; Tina Adair-LH
A-9. Local flowers3:29
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall; BMI
Instruments:Rachel Johnson Boyd-f; Rebecca Frazier-rg; Tina Adair-m; Missy Raines-sb
Vocals:Brooke Aldridge-L; Rachel Johnson Boyd-HH
A-10. Follow me back to the fold4:11
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall; BMI
Instruments:Laura Cash-f; Becky Buller-bj; Heather Berry-Mabe-rg/ah; Rebekah Long-rg; April Stevens Seiber-m; Susie Keys-bs
Vocals:L: Anna Maybelle Cash, Rebekah Long, Brooke Aldridge, Janet McGarry, Susanne Mumpower Johnson, Laura Cash, Garnet Bowman, Rachel Johnson Boyd, Brooke Aldridge; Heather Berry-Mabe-HH; Lorrie Carter Bennett-LH
A-11. Poor little Sadie3:27
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall; BMI
Instruments:Janette Carter-ah
Vocals:Janette Carter-L
A-12. I don't live there anymore3:13
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall; BMI
Instruments:Gena Britt-bj; Courtney Rorrer-f; Dale Ann Bradley-lg/rg; Sierra Hull-m; Beth Lawrence-bs
Vocals:Gena Britt-L; Courtney Rorrer-HH; Dale Ann Bradley-LH
A-13. Nothin' about trains2:41
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall; BMI
Instruments:Lorraine Jordan-m; Jeanette Williams-sb; Gena Britt-bj; Becky Buller-f; Rebekah Long-rg
Vocals:Lorraine Jordan-L; Jeanette Williams-HH; Gena Britt-LH
A-14. Kentucky in the rain3:32
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall; BMI
Instruments:Sonya Isaacs Yeary-m; Gail Rudisill-Johnson-f; Pam Gadd-bj; Rebecca Isaacs Bowman-rg; Rebecca Frazier-lg; Jessica Smith-bs
Vocals:Stacy York Isaacs-L; Jaelee Roberts-HH; Fayssoux Starling McLean-LH; Sonya Isaacs Yeary-H
A-15. Empty old mailbox3:09
Composer:Tom T. Hall-Dixie Hall; BMI
Instruments:Deanie Richardson-f; Pam Gadd-bj; Dale Ann Bradley-lg/rg; April Stevens Seiber-m; Missy Raines-sb; Wanda Vick-db
Vocals:Tina Rigsby-L; Bridget Lieux-HH; Garnet Bowman-LH
A-16. Song maker3:49
Composer:Tom T. Hall-Dixie Hall; BMI
Instruments:Pam Gadd-lg; Wanda Vick-f/rg/reso g; Nancy Cardwell Erdos-bs
Vocals:Pam Gadd-L/H
A-17. To a dove3:40
Composer:Dixie Hall; BMI
Place:Boi'oinngg Studios, Northern Ireland
Instruments:Siobhan Skates-cajon; Adele Ingram-rg; Ruth Millar-f; Sharon Morgan-bj; Frances Mooney-bs; Rebekah Long-sb (bowed)
Vocals:Meghan McWilliams-L; Ruth Millar-HH; Siobhan Skates-HH; Adele Ingram-LH
A-18. Molly and Mildred4:26
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall; BMI
Instruments:April Stevens Seiber-f/m; Haley Stiltner-bj/lg; Rebekah Long-rg; Beth Lawrence-bs; Wanda Vick-db
Vocals:April Stevens Seiber-L/HH/LH
B-1. Never can forgive til I forget3:05
Instruments:Becky Buller-f; Kristin Scott Benson-bj; Rebecca Frazier-lg/rg; Rachel Burge-m; Jessica Smith-bs
Vocals:Michelle Nixon-L; Renee "Missy" Daley-HH; Jeanette Williams-LH
B-2. You're good to go2:26
Composer:Tom T. Hall-Dixie Hall; BMI
Instruments:Gail Rudisill-Johnson-f; Rebekah Long-rg; Andrea Roberts-bs
Vocals:Fayssoux Starling McLean-L
B-3. My little world4:13
Composer:Tom T. Hall-Dixie Hall; BMI
Instruments:Sally Jones-lg/rg; Megan B. Lynch Chowning-f; Jenni Lynn Gardner-m; Jeanette Williams-sb
Vocals:Sally Jones-L; Sonya Isaacs Yeary-HH; Rebecca Isaacs Bowman-LH
B-4. Independent Rose2:50
Composer:Tom T. Hall-Dixie Hall; BMI
Instruments:Mindy Rakestraw-rg; Tina Adair-m; Megan B. Lynch Chowning-f; Haley Stiltner-bj/rg; Frances Mooney-sb
Vocals:Mindy Rakestraw-L; Annette Kelley-L/LH; Tina Adair-HH
B-5. Bluebird in the rain3:56
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall; BMI
Instruments:Beth Lawrence-bs; Deanie Richardson-f/m/vla/md; Rebekah Long-rg
Vocals:Beth Lawrence-L; Alecia Nugent-HH; Fayssoux Starling McLean-LH
B-6. The grave robber4:22
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall; BMI
Instruments:Rebekah Long-lg; Becky Buller-f; Lisa Horngren-m/bs; Laura Ray-bj; Haley Stiltner-bj
Vocals:Donna Ulisse-L; Kathy Sacra-Anderson-HH; Fayssoux Starling McLean-LH
B-7. Pretty girls3:41
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall; BMI
Instruments:Becky Buller-f; Brandy Miller-bj; Rebecca Frazier-rg; April Stevens Seiber-m; Jessica Smith-bs
Vocals:Stacy York Isaacs-L; Annette Kelley-Middle H; Jessica Smith-LH
B-8. The next train2:42
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall; BMI
Instruments:Laura Cash-f; Laura Ray-bj; Martha Hearon Adcock-rg; Rebecca Frazier-rg; Rachel Burge-m; Rebekah Long-bs
Vocals:Janet McGarry-L; Tina Adair-HH; Jeanette Williams-LH
B-9. For better or worse4:12
Composer:Troy Engle-Tom T. Hall-Dixie Hall; BMI
Instruments:Lizzy Long-f/rg; Megan B. Lynch Chowning-f; Rachel Burge-m; Rebekah Long-bs; Wanda Vick-db
Vocals:Lizzy Long-L; Stella Parton-L/HH/LH
B-10. Hazel Creek3:57
Composer:Tom T. Hall-Dixie Hall; BMI
Instruments:Pam Perry Combs-m; Pam Gadd-bj; Vicki Simmons-bj/bs; Wanda Barnett-lg/rg/f
Vocals:Pam Perry Combs-L(verses 1, 5); Pam Gadd-L(verse 3); Vicki Simmons-L (verse 4)/LH; Wanda Barnett-HH/L (verse 2)
B-11. The hummingbird man2:52
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall; BMI
Instruments:Heather Berry-Mabe-rg; Lizzy Long-f; Tina Adair-m; Rebekah Long-bs; Leah Needham-db
Vocals:Heather Berry-Mabe-L (verse 1)/HH; Brooke Aldridge-L (verse 2)/LH; Jillianne Jerkins-L (verse 3); Martha Hearon Adcock-LC; Stacy York Isaacs-oohs
B-12. Clinch Mountain mystery3:35
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall; BMI
Instruments:Crystal Richardson-bj; Sonya Stead-lg; Katie Springer-f; Sandy Whitley-bs
Vocals:Crystal Richarson-L; Ashlee Blankenship-L (last part); Sonya Stead-H; Katie Springer-H
B-13. No matter how hard I cry2:37
Composer:Jeffrey Orr-Tom T. Hall-Dixie Hall; BMI
Instruments:Megan B. Lynch Chowning-f; Haley Stiltner-bj; Rebecca Frazier-lg/rg; Rachel Burge-m; Beth Lawrence-bs
Vocals:Karen Lynne-L; Becky Schlegel-HH; Jeanette Williams-LH
B-14. The moon ain't square2:58
Composer:David Stevens-Valerie Smith-Tom T. Hall-Dixie Hall; BMI
Instruments:Corrina Rose Logston-f; Rebekah Long-lg/rg/sb; Rachel Burge-m
Vocals:Valerie Smith-L
B-15. The windowsill song2:57
Composer:Becky Buller-Tom T. Hall-Dixie Hall; BMI
Instruments:Becky Buller-f/bj; Beth Lawrence-sb; Megan Gregory-f/rg/whistle; April Stevens Seiber-m
Vocals:Becky Buller-L; Beth Lawrence-HH; Megan Gregory-LH
B-16. Sit down and cry2:45
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall; BMI
Instruments:April Steven Seiber-f/m; Beth Lawrence-sb; Haley Stiltner-bj; Rebekah Long-lg/rg
Vocals:April Steven Seiber-L/LH; Beth Lawrence-HH
B-17. I can make it happen4:19
Composer:Rebekah Long-Dixie Hall; BMI
Instruments:Rebekah Long-rg/bs; Megan B. Lynch Choning-f; Rachel Burge-m; Wanda Vick-db
Vocals:Rebekah Long-L; Donna Ulisse-HH; Fayssoux Starling McLean-LH
C-1. Walking through Bethlehem3:27
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall; BMI; Billy Smith; ASCAP
Instruments:Sonya Isaacs Yeary-m; Rebecca Isaacs Bowman-rg; Laura Cash-f; Beth Lawrence-bs
Vocals:Sonya Isaacs Yeary-V; Lily Isaacs-V; Rebecca Isaacs Bowman-V
C-2. Building ain't churches3:57
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall; BMI
Instruments:Heather Berry Mabe-rg/ah; Andrea Roberts-sb
Vocals:Heather Berry-Mabe-L; Jaelee Roberts-HH; Andrea Roberts-LH
C-3. Let me fly low5:43
Composer:Dixie Hall; BMI
Instruments:Gail Rudisill-Johnson-f; Lisa Horngren-rg/m
Vocals:Donna Ulisse-L(1)/LH; Jeanette Williams-L(2)/LH; Jana Mougin-L(3)/HH; Becky Schlegel-L(4)/HH; Fayssoux Starling McLean-LH
C-4. He loves to hear you shout2:56
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall; BMI
Instruments:April Stevens Seiber-f/m; Beth Lawrence-bs; Haley Stiltner-bj/rg
Vocals:April Stevens Seiber-L/LH; Beth Lawrence-HH
C-5. I want you to meet my friend4:08
Composer:Tom T. Hall-Dixie Hall; BMI
Instruments:Sheila Lancaster-rg; Nancy Cardwell Erdos-bs; Megan B. Lynch Chowning-f; Tina Adair-m
Vocals:Sheila Lancaster-L; Nancy Cardwell Erdos-HH; June Cobb-LH
C-6. Pray right here3:03
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall; BMI
Vocals:Jeanette Williams-L; Becky Buller-HH; Tina Adair-HH; Bridget Lieux-HH; Lily Lieux-HH; Brooke Aldridge-HH; Michelle Nixon-HH; Lorrie Carter Bennett-LH; Melissa Lawrence-LH; Louisa Branscomb-LH; Annette Kelley-LH; Rebekah Long-LH; Jeanette Williams-LH; Heather Berry-Mabe-preaching
C-7. Welcoming tomb4:11
Composer:Dixie Hall; BMI
Instruments:Tina Adair-rg/m; Jennifer Strickland-bs; Megan B. Lynch Chowning-f
Vocals:Tina Adair-L/LH; Jennifer Strickland-HH
C-8. Yes, He can4:04
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall; BMI
Instruments:Sheila Lancaster-rg; Gail Rudisill-Johnson-f; Lisa Horngren-m; Jessica Smith-bs
Vocals:Sheila Lancaster-L/HH; June Cobb-LH
C-9. Keep me in your prayers3:32
Composer:Tom T. Hall-Dixie Hall; BMI
Instruments:Heather Berry-Mabe-lg/ah
Vocals:Heather Berry-Mabe-L; Bridget Lieux-HH; Fayssoux Starling McLean-LH
C-10. Take just a minute for Him4:21
Composer:Dixie Hall-Troy Engle-Tom T. Hall; BMI
Instruments:Emily Bankester-f; Melissa Triplett-sb; Alysha Bankester-m; Laura Ray-g
Vocals:Emily Bankester-L(1)/HH; Melissa Triplett-L(2); Alysha Bankester-LHH
C-11. Do something for Jesus today4:02
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall; BMI
Instruments:Frances Mooney-bs; Mindy Rakestraw-rg; Becky Buller-f/lg/rg
Vocals:Frances Mooney-L; Jenny Williams-HH; Mindy Rakestraw-LH
C-12. Get in the boat2:46
Composer:Tom T. Hall-Dixie Hall; BMI
Instruments:Jeanette Williams-bs; Gail Rudisill-Johnson-f; Robin Roller Thixton-bj; Sally Jones-rg; April Stevens Seiber-m
Vocals:Jeanette Williams-L; Tina Adair-HH; Louisa Branscomb-LH
C-13. Mother's silent prayer5:01
Composer:Tom T. Hall-Dixie Hall-Tony Engle; BMI
Instruments:Letitia Ayers-rg; Virginia Lee Blood-rg; Robin Roller Thixton-bj; Gail Rudisill-Johnson-f; Lisa Horngren-m/bs
Vocals:Letitia Ayers-L(1)/HH; Virginia Lee Blood-L(2,3); Robin Roller Thixton-LH
C-14. There's always a light in the church2:48
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall; BMI
Instruments:Sarah Lawrence-rg; Deanie Richardson-m; Beth Lawrence-sb; Gail Rudisill-Johnson-f; Rebekah Long-rg
Vocals:Sarah Lawrence-L; Beth Lawrence-HH; Melissa Lawrence-LH
C-15. Walk slow3:06
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall; BMI
Instruments:Heather Berry-Mabe-lg; Lisa Horngren-ah; Jamie Collins-bs
Vocals:Heather Berry-Mabe-L/LH; Pam Tillis-HH
C-16. He knows the way4:29
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall-Troy Engle; BMI
Instruments:Dale Ann Bradley-lg/m/bs
Vocals:Debbie Gulley-L; Dale Ann Bradley-HH
C-17. He's the one2:53
Composer:Dixie Hall-Tom T. Hall-Troy Engle; BMI
Instruments:Kelsi Robertson Harrigill-m; Charli Robertson-f; Andrea Roberts-g/bs/ Laura Ray-bj
Vocals:Kelsi Robertson Harrigill-L; Charlie Robertson-L/H
D-1. Proud to be a daughter of bluegrass3:07
D-2. I don't think I'm going back to Harlan4:15
D-3. Keep on walking2:51
D-4. There ought to be more to love than this3:43
D-5. Carolina state of mind3:21
D-6. Desmoranda4:37
D-7. I'm gonna love you now2:34
D-8. Nobody home2:59
D-9. Leaving here for Nashville4:04
D-10. Everybody got a light3:50
D-11. The old family table3:27
D-12. Will you ever be satisfied3:23
D-13. Go up on the mountain and wait5:00
D-14. I made a friend of a flower today3:11
D-15. Your memory followed me home2:45
D-16. Scenes from an old country graveyard4:03
D-17. Take me with you3:03