Paul & Roy & the Tennessee River Boys & Curtis McPeake & Benny Williams, the Tennessee River Boys

Paul & Roy & the Tennessee River Boys

Label:B.A.C.M. BACM 419
Release Date:2013
Country:United Kingdom
County Sales:#325

Song Information:

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1. You're all alone tonight
2. Spring of love
3. You've been cheatin' on my darlin'
4. I was only pretending
5. The shape my heart's in
6. You made the break
7. The way you lied to me
8. Don't ever tell me
9. Wicked love
10. Flower of old Tennessee
11. I'm lost without you
12. Meet the Lord half way
13. There will be no disappointments
14. Every dog must have its day
15. Angel band
16. Log cabin in the lane
17. Rocky road blues
18. Live and let live
19. Footprints in the snow
20. Muleskinner blues
21. The master's bouquet
22. Gathering flowers from the hillside
23. Blue moon of Kentucky