Live : all access vol. 1, 11.27 2009

Greensky Bluegrass

Label:Big Blue Zoo No #
Release Date:2010-05-04
Country:United States
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Song Information:

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A-1. Sweetwater sea3:54
A-2. Pig in a pen2:58
A-3. Reverend5:33
A-4. Dry county5:43
A-5. Time breathe reprise5:38
A-6. Dry county1:10
A-7. Nine days5:00
A-8. White Freight Liner blues3:54
A-9. No idea5:39
A-10. When I paint my masterpiece2:47
A-11. Against the days3:21
A-12. Just to lie2:52
A-13. Train junkie13:00
A-14. Into the rafters3:21
A-15. Indian trail4:41
A-16. A day in the life4:11
B-1. What's left of the night7:31
B-2. 200 miles from Montana5:09
B-3. Hot dogs (on parade)4:56
B-4. All four16:08
B-5. Less than supper3:44
B-6. Depot Bay4:06
B-7. King of the hill16:02
B-8. Better off4:28
B-9. Break Mountain brokedown11:23
B-10. Tied down4:16