Early bluegrass

Hobo Jack (Adkins)

Label:B.A.C.M. 432
Release Date:2013
Country:United Kingdom
County Sales:#328

Song Information:

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1. I can't be satisfied
2. My girl of Kentucky
3. I feel so lonesome
4. You have left me memories
5. Midnight waltz
6. Talk I over with your heart
7. She's my sugar
8. Three words
9. I promise you
10. Big Sandy River
11. Going back to old Kentucky
12. Lonesome old road
13. Four little words
14. Mountain music
15. Just wishing
16. Now that you're gone
17. Baby tell me why
18. Will they have a resting place
19. Kentucky school bus
20. Our Lady of Angels
21. Another night
22. Union man
23. Country boy went to town
24. Old man's story
25. Kentucky hobo