Gospel hall of fame

Various artists

Label:Sparton SLP 308
Release Date:1964

Song Information:

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A-1. God put a rainbow in the cloudsCowboy Copas
Composer:L. Copas; Starday, BMI
A-2. Precious momentsBlue Sky Boys
Composer:Don Fister; Starday, BMI
A-3. My Saviour is callingHylo Brown
Composer:Hylo Brown; Starday, BMI
A-4. Acts of GodJimmie Skinner
Composer:J. Skinner; Starday, BMI
A-5. Lord, I'm ready to goThe Masters Family
Composer:Dean Bence-Marie Bence; Starday, BMI
A-6. Time to prayJoe & Rose Lee Maphis
Composer:J. Maphis; Starday, BMI
A-7. Old country preacherCarl Story
Composer:C. Story; Starday, BMI
A-8. Keep on the firing lineThe Lewis Family
Composer:W. York; Starday, BMI
B-1. Listen to the radioCarl Story
Recording Date:1966
Composer:C. Story; Starday, BMI
Place:Rimrock Recording Studio, Concord, AR
Instruments:Carl Story-g; Bud Brewster-bj; Willie Brewster-m; Claude Boone-bs
B-2. Preachin', prayin', singin'Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs & the Foggy Mountain Boys
Composer:E. C. McCarty; Acuff-Rose, BMI
B-3. Sunday schoolLulu Belle & Scotty
Composer:S. Wiseman; Starday, BMI
B-4. Climbing Jacob's ladderThe Lewis Family
Composer:Arr. York; Starday, BMI
B-5. Two little rosebudsRed Ellis & the Huron Valley Boys
Composer:Arr. York; Starday, BMI
B-6. When my time comes to goAlex Campbell
Composer:Arr. York; Starday, BMI
B-7. What a friend we have in JesusThe Stanley Brothers 2:32
Recording Date:1960-06
Composer:Arr. York; Starday, BMI
Place:Magnum Studio, Jacksonville, FL
Instruments:Carter Stanley-g; Ralph Stanley-bj; Curley Lambert-g; Ralph Mayo-f; Audie Webster-sb
Vocals:C. Stanley-L; R. Stanley-T; C. Lambert-B
B-8. Taggin' alongGeorge Jones
Composer:G. Jones-B. Stephens; Starrite, BMI