20 bluegrass favorites : original artists

Various artists

Label:Plantation PLC 2012
Release Date:1985
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Foggy Mountain breakdownLowell Varney
2. Rocky TopThe RFD Boys
3. Stampers' bluesArt Stamper
4. Ain't it hardRalph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys
5. Amazing graceJennie Hall
6. Rollin' banjoFields Brothers
7. Head of the hollerThe Goins Brothers
8. Florida bluesRoy McGinnis & the Sunnysiders
9. Help me make it through the nightLowell Varney
10. Prisoner songHylo Brown
11. Dueling banjosRoy McGinnis & the Sunnysiders
12. Don't let your sweet love dieJim Eanes 2:24
Recording Date:1971-10-27
Place:Jessup Recording Studio, Jackson, MI
Instruments:Jim Eanes-g; V. E. Edney-g/f; Dennis Cyporyn-bj; James 'Jim' Morgan-bj; William 'Bill' Carpenter-db; Edward 'Ted' Hall-sb
Vocals:J. Eanes-L; R. McGinnis-T
13. Chubby's hornpipeChubby Wise
14. Rock bottomRalph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys
15. Run Devil runWilliams & Ellis
16. Fox on the runBluegrass Alliance
17. Lonesome pine breakdownThe Goins Brothers
18. Are you from DixieLeon Morris
19. Back up and pushRoy McGinnis & the Sunnysiders
20. I am a pilgrimCarl Story