Grass roots

Various artists

Label:A & M AMLB 51038
Release Date:1970
Country:United Kingdom

Song Information:

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A-1. Don't come rollin'Dillard & Clark 2:49
Composer:Dillard-Clark-Leadon; Rondor Music
A-2. I bowed my head and cried holyDillard & Clark 3:31
Composer:Trad., arr. Dillard-Clark; Rondor Music
A-3. Git it on brotherDillard & Clark 2:50
Composer:Lester Flatt-S. Groves; Southern Music
A-4. So sad (to watch good love go bad)Dillard & Clark 3:19
Composer:Don Everly; Acuff-Rose Music
A-5. Kansas City SouthernDillard & Clark 3:39
Composer:Gene Clark; Rondor Music
B-1. Older guysFlying Burrito Brothers 2:30
Composer:Parson-Hillman-Leadon; Rondor Music
B-2. Dark end of the streetFlying Burrito Brothers 3:55
Composer:C. Moman-Dan Penn; London Tree Music
B-3. Cody CodyFlying Burrito Brothers 2:43
Composer:Parsons-Hillman; Rondor Music
B-4. Lazy daysFlying Burrito Brothers 2:58
Composer:Parsons; Rondor Music
B-5. If you gotta go, go nowFlying Burrito Brothers 1:47
Composer:Dylan; Kinney Music
B-6. Hot burrito no. 1Flying Burrito Brothers 3:37
Composer:Etheridge-Parsons; Rondor Music