Prime cuts of bluegrass. Vol. 97

Various artists

Label:Prime Cuts of Bluegrass KBC-CD 097
Release Date:2009-01-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Heart wrenching love sick memoriesRhonda Vincent & the Rage
Composer:Tonya Lowman; Sally Mountain Publishing, BMI
2. Three silver dollarsDavid Parmley & Continental Divide
Composer:Tom T. Hall; Good Home Grown Music, BMI
3. Gone to CarolinaSpecial Consensus
Composer:Justin Carbone-Becky Buller; X-Brace Publishing, BMI
4. Lonely rainGold Heart
Composer:Jocelyn A. Gold, BMI
5. That's what country folks doThe Lost & Found
Composer:Wandy Dalton; Poplar Camp Music, BMI
6. Last train to Kitty HawkBalsam Range
Composer:James Ellis-Steve Dukes; Yamez Music, BMI
7. Dog house bluesMickey Harris
Composer:PeeWee King; J. L. Frank; Songs of Universal, BMI
8. Old enoughThe Raconteurs
Composer:Jack White-Brendan Benson; Third String Tunes, BMI
9. Hold the lineRogers & Johnson
Composer:Barney Rogers-Russell Johnson; Tatham Gap Publishing, ASCAP
10. Bury me in DixieWayne Taylor & Appaloosa
Composer:David Parker; Raincoe Music, BMI
11. The angels sing to meThe Toy Hearts
Composer:Hannah Johnson-Sophia Johnson-Stewart Johnson
12. I can't help smilingLakeSide
Composer:Eddie Morgan; Lee Mike Music, BMI
13. Keep my skillet good & greasyThe Whitetop Mountain Band
Composer:Public domain; arr. Emily Spencer
14. Dirty old townThe Kirby Knob Boys
Composer:Ewan MacColl; Colgems-EMI, ASCAP
15. In the hollowCrossPoint String Band
Composer:Glenn Kosiorek; CrossPoint String Band