1776-1976 Bicentennial spectacular

Various artists

Label:Unisong 1001
Release Date:1976
Country:United States
   Discogs.com ID: 4294821

Song Information:

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A-1. The Delaware fiddleDave Johnson 2:52
Composer:Bob Wyatt-Dave Johnson
A-2. Two dollar billHerb Thomas & the Roust-a-Bouts 2:12
A-3. Rebel soldierJimmy Stone 3:02
Composer:C. Moore
A-4. Lonesome road bluesShirley Evans 2:52
A-5. The bottle made a fool of meLucas & Harmon Brothers 2:32
Composer:Dick Harmon
A-6. Let me rest at the end of my journeyJohn Carter 2:33
A-7. I want to go homePete & Carol Grigg 2:47
Composer:Pete Grigg
B-1. Mule skinner bluesShirley Evans 4:00
Composer:J. Skinner
B-2. Wabash cannon ballJimmy Stone 2:40
Composer:A. P. Carter
B-3. God's quiet worldShirley Evans 2:54
Composer:Carol Grigg
B-4. His & hersCarol Grigg 2:43
B-5. Golden guitarBob Wyatt 2:52
Composer:B. Gray-C. Leach
B-6. Fort Worth Jailhouse bluesHerb Thomas & the Roust-a-Bouts 2:38
Composer:Joe Tucker
B-7. My blue HeavenJohn Carter 2:04
C-1. Beaumont ragDave Johnson 3:15
C-2. His wonderful graceJoe Moore & the Jordan River Boys 2:39
Composer:C. Ford-Joe Moore
C-3. Asheville specialLucas & Harmon Brothers 2:44
Composer:E. Ergle
C-4. Father's table graceBob Wyatt 3:21
C-5. What have you doneCarol Grigg 2:30
Composer:Carol Grigg
C-6. Isle of golden dreamsJohn Carter 2:21
C-7. Johnson's old grey muleLucas & Harmon Brothers 2:31
D-1. I want to live with JesusJoe Moore & the Jordan River Boys 2:23
Composer:Joe Moore-William Cooper
D-2. Orange Blossom SpecialDave Johnson 2:33
Composer:Irvin Rouse
D-3. Midnight ride of Paul RevereTroy Ferguson & Sue Smith 2:25
Composer:Troy Ferguson
D-4. Roust-a-boutHerb Thomas & the Roust-a-Bouts 2:52
Composer:B. Graves-J. Lambert
D-5. Marsha & JohnShirley Evans 1:56
D-6. Great speckled birdJoe Moore & the Jordan River Boys 2:23
Composer:A. P. Carter
D-7. SophronieJimmy Stone 2:25
Composer:A. Delmore-D. C. Mullins
D-8. If God is deadTroy Ferguson & Sue Smith