Life's highway

Bob Dick

Label:Appleland 2014
Release Date:2014-08-21
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2015-02
   Amazon ASIN: B00MX88VFI
   Google Play: B655ww5erdko6jkc32inu5ilt4i

Song Information:

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1. With your eyes and your smile2:15
2. Rose among the thorns3:53
3. Appleland breakdown3:29
4. Hazard4:04
5. Rebels ye rest2:42
6. Walking the blues3:33
7. Silence or tears2:21
8. Oh my stars3:48
9. My Lord will comfort me2:32
10. Electricity comes to Lane County4:21
11. Thursday2:08
12. Song for Susan2:31
13. Life's highway3:51
14. Bass fiddle medley5:16