Country music on the Excellent label

Various artists

Label:B.A.C.M. BACM 465
Release Date:2014
Country:United Kingdom
County Sales:#333

Song Information:

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1. Our motherDave & Corney
2. Traveling aloneDave & Corney
3. Too much I've loved youEstil Lee
4. Will you rememberEstil Lee
5. Maple on the hillDave Woolum
6. Rolling stoneDave Woolum
7. You've traded love for goldStanley Johnson
8. I'm just a ramblin' manStanley Johnson
9. I'm coming home to youCharles Sidebottom & Owen County Ramblers
10. Gonna see my baby tonightDon Brooks & Rhytum Valley Boys
11. I won't be satisfied at allRay & Mae Shorty with Sandy Valley Boys
12. If I could learn to love you in the morningRay & Mae Shorty with Sandy Valley Boys
13. Toe tappin' rhythmJoy Whitaker & the Southerners
14. Blue tearsJoy Whitaker & the Southerners
16. Your love is the keyCharles Sidebottom & Owen County Ramblers
17. Water over the damCharles Sidebottom & Owen County Ramblers
18. I ain't gonna let her do it anymoreDave Woolum & Noah Crase
19. Single girl, married girlDave Woolum & Noah Crase
20. The girl that lived over the hillTaylor Porter & the Gray Mountain Boys
21. That's how I got my startTaylor Porter & the Gray Mountain Boys
22. Country pickin'Ray Lunsford
23. Red wingRay Lunsford
24. Let me be worthyBakers Trio & Fellowship Christianers
25. Big hand of GodBakers Trio & Fellowship Christianers
26. I've been with the boysEddie Adams & the Mountain Rhythm Boys
27. Don't torture meHank Drew
28. You don't love meHank Drew