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Various artists

Label:Jubilee NR 2240
Release Date:197-?
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Where the soul never diesThe Regan Brothers 1:20
A-2. What a meetingBorn Again Quartet 2:55
A-3. The eastern gateThe Regan Brothers 1:42
A-4. I will follow theeRose of Sharon Gospel Singers 2:14
A-5. Kneel at the crossThe Regan Brothers 1:44
A-6. Get ready todayThe Matlock Sisters 1:20
A-7. Walking in the shadow of GodThe Regan Brothers 1:15
B-1. That great day is surely comingDon Brown & the Ozark Mountain Trio 2:33
B-2. After allThe Matlock Sisters 2:42
B-3. Shake mother's hand for meThe Regan Brothers 1:33
B-4. The way is narrowDon Brown & the Ozark Mountain Trio 2:31
B-5. Glory bells are ringing in my soulThe Regan Brothers 1:45
B-6. Has it not beenThe Matlock Sisters 2:25
B-7. Life's railway to HeavenThe Regan Brothers 2:30